Zhang Ming-Ming (張 明明, Chō Minmin) was the Chinese vice captain of BUGS-2 mission. Originally sent to as a spy to steal the technology on BUGS surgery in America, she was later captured and underwent the BUGs surgery as part of her release negotiations by the Chinese government.


Ming-Ming was an average built woman, wearing her hair in two pigtails. Unlike most of the other BUGS 2 members, her uniform resembled a long coat slightly different from the ANNEX uniform.


Ming Ming seemed to be determinedEdit

Past Edit

As a child she lived in Shanghai, China but she was sold as a slave by her parents shortly before her little brother was born and left to Live in a rural village with poor living conditions. It was revealed as well that resided in the same village of Liu Yiwu he was 7 at the time and she was 11. They were forced to leave after everyone in the village except for them were killed by a green rain.

Bugs II Edit

Ming-Ming is first seen on the spaceship BUGS-2, after Captain Davis defeated the terraformar that broke in. After Captain Davis details his plan of dealing with the terraformars, he leaves Ming-Ming in charge of the surviving members. Ming-Ming then leads the rest to where they stored the Land rover, and using the ability of Tejas Viji were able to successfully escape from the overrun spaceship. When the rover landed from the high speed jump, Ming-Ming commented to herself that everyone was safe, but Tejas had lost his life in the process as the terraformars instinctively tried to grab the speeding rover but instead only managed to grab Tejas's head. Soon after, while watching the sunrise, they discovered the abandoned BUGS-1 spaceship having landed near it. Ming-Ming then suggest that they should investigate the spaceship incase any information on the terraformars was left behind its crew if any had survived at all.  While the surviving member held doubts, Thien encouraged the rest to check it out as the ship may still function and move. Leaving Redon and John to guard outside, the rest went inside and discovered to their surprise that the ship had transmitted something to Earth; Shokichi stating that all contact was supposed to be lost the moment BUGS-1 landed. However before they could investigate, the members were alerted by the sound of gunshots. When they went outside, they found that John and Redon were killed by terraformars hiding under the ship using firearms left behind by the crew of BUGS-1.

The terraformars quickly surrounded the group and killed most of the crew while all Ming-Ming could do was watch. Following Thien and Shokichi who entered combat in anger at the crews death, she quickly injected herself and successfully defeated the ambushers. After the battle, she complimented Shokichi for taking care of 10-15 of the terraformars himself. Stating that though there was around 100 of them at the spaceship, seeing that there was still a large enough group near them she tells them they should go back so as not to let the captain and Ichiro die in vain. However the mist of Mars started to clear and they saw 3 big pyramids similiar to the Gaza pyramids. Suprised, they wondered why such buildings were on mars and when Shokichi angrily questioned about the transmission of BUGS-1 and the buildings in front of them, they were contacted by their supervisor Alexander via the radio in the vehicle. He claimed that the buildings were built by the gods of Rahab. While Thien and Shokichi were puzzled, Ming-Ming quietly thought to herself where she had heard Rahab before. He then informed them about the eggs terraformars make when they die and orders them to destroy all eggs they find. In that moment however, they heard BUGS-2's engine go off.

After seeing the ship crash down, they go inside of it and  encountered the terraformars. They immediately injected themselves and dispatched the regular terraformars but then encounter the evolved terraformer. Ming-Ming and Thien immediately try to attack it, but the terraformar manages to avoid their attacks. When Ming-Ming attempts to slash the terraformar, it parries the attack and swiftly rips her right hand off and decapitates her with it in one swift stroke killing her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ming-Ming transformation

Ming-Ming Transformed

Through the Bug Procedure, she gained abilities of an orchid mantis. She was able to transform her arms into a mantis's raptorial claws which were capable of cutting through Terraformars' hardened exoskeleton.


  • Likes ドラえもん (doraemon)
  • Dislikes shops with dirty restrooms
  • When BUGS2 crews did arm wrestling, she ranked 11th place.

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