Yuriko Minamoto (源 百合子, Minamoto Yuriko) was an orphan and childhood friend of Akari Hizamaru.


Yuriko was a young girl with short black hair and light black eyes. She was AA cup.


Yuriko was a bright, young compassionate girl.



When she 4 years old, she lost her parents to an automobile accident and became a orphan . As an orphan she was placed in the same facility as Akari Hizamaru and grew up with him, becoming his only childhood friend. Unfortunately, at 17 years of age she contracted the A.E. virus, and became hospitalized until she transferred to Thailand due in need of a heart transplant because her heart condition degenerated. Despite this, she was unable to survive long enough for the heart transplant and passed away.


  • She likes ramen and dipping noodles, stretching.
  • Dislikes dipping noodle shops where the soup gradually gets thinner and colder for no reason.
  • She has a talent of sewing and drawing complicated mazes on scraps of paper.
  • Has a habit of falling asleep in 7 seconds everytime she opens a book Akari brings because the words are too big.