Yang Huwan (陽 虎丸, Yan Fuwan) is Chinese, who were raised like a servant when compared to his older brother, because he was the second son. He joined the bugs mission to get enough money to cut. His favourite music is Fist of the North Star, he is also good at making chinese-style fried rice.




Huwan was first seen on the spaceship Bugs #2, where he was looking at the joking Shokichi and telling John, that he thinks that the japanese people are too high-strung.

Later when a cockroach broke in the spaceship, following captain's order he was able to escape with the rest of the crew.

While running, accidentally they found Bugs #1 ship, and Thien suggested to check it, since it may still work. Redon with John staying outside to guard, while inside the rest saw that the ship have transmitted some message and then heard gunshots. When they went outside, they found John and Redon killed by the cockroaches who where using firearms and where hiding under the ship. The roaches surrounded them and Huwan panicked, after which he was shot multiple times and killed by the cockroaches.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Yang went through the Bug Procedure and received the Mole Cricket DNA to strengthen his body, but died before he was able to do or show anything.


  • Although the base of his Bug Procedure is never seen during the Bugs II mission it's later revealed that it was the mole cricket in the extra pages at the end of the volume n°7.
  • When BUGS2 crews did arm wrestling, he ranked 10th place.

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