Victoria Wood (ヴィクトリア・ウッド, Vikutoria Uddo) was born in a rural South Africa village. Her father died from an infectious disease when she was 13, and she and her brothers were taken to live with their relatives. They lived a poor life, but due to the fact that she had female genital mutilation (FGM), she was hesitant to prostitute herself, so she turned to a life of stealing. She has A-Cup and likes watching rugby, but dislike old hags acting like veterans.


She has dark tanned skin due to her African heritage. Her hair is dual colored: black in the back and white in the front. She has purple eyes.


Victoria Woods can be easily described as a selfish and greedy person, with an exquisite power lust. She made her living as a grave robber before joining Bugs II, she has proven to be an untrustworthy member of the group as she did not think twice about killing Donatello K. Davis; and as a direct result left the squad leaderless as well as robbing them of one of their strongest fighters. The true length of her selfishness is revealed when she exposed that instead of taking the two terraformer eggs back for study she was going to use them to take over the world.


She is first seen disguised as cockroach, observing the group who entered Bugs #1 ship. Since everything was moving according to plan, she also received orders from Dr. Honda to keep and eye on Shokichi, since his insect, Giant Asian Hornet, have killed more humans than any other. After that she went on Bugs #2, where she waked the sleeping Ichiro. She went out of the cockroach disguise and started searching together with Ichiro, for a Terraformar egg. Since they found one, they were ready to report to Dr. Honda that their mission was success and to return to Earth.

She asked what Dr. Honda was going to do with the egg, and guessed that it was probably for the military purpose. He questioned her why she agreed on Honda's proposal. She started telling him about her past, how when they were burying her father, they had to encase him in concrete to prevent theft of his clothes or body. This led to surviving through grave-robbing. She also mentioned her FGM when she was 12 years old. But she had something else in mind, she was thinking of keeping the cockroaches for herself and not giving it to Japan, and with her power controlling all the cockroaches and the world itself. But then the Terraformar egg started to hatch, and two Terraformars came out of it. She calmed Ichiro, explaining that with her power, they will easily reach Earth. Victoria then went and stung the two Terraformars to control them, but was shocked that they didn't listen to her. One of them with a quick kick, destroyed both of her legs. After that the roaches called for reinforcements, they caused the ship to crash, which resulted in Victoria's death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Victoria wood emerald cockroacg wasp

Victoria transformed while preparing to use her ability

Through the Bug Procedure, she gained cells from a emerald cockroach wasp, a small wasp that has the color of a beautiful emerald. The frightening origin of the name comes from the special venom that destroys the part of the cockroach's brain, interfering it's fight-or-flight response and turns the roach into a zombie. The zombified roach will then walk on it's own legs into the wasp's nest and have larvae inserted into its abdomen. The roach retains its consciousness as the larvae eats it from the inside, but it won't try to escape. She is able to control the Terraformars by stinging them in their brain. She can also disguise herself as a Terraformar by literally wearing the exoskeleton of one. 

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