United Nations Aeronautics and Space Administration (U-NASA) is the international agency responsible for international space programs and in charge of the Terraforming project to make Mars suitable for humans to live. The main building is located in Washington D.C., with 5 other branches in Russia, China, Japan, Roman Federation and Germany.

Terraforming ProjectEdit

During the 21st century due to the ever increasing numbers of Earth's population, there was always a chance of Earth becoming depleted due to energy problems and environmental destruction. Because of it, a project was started to terraform Mars into a possible place to live and start moving around half of the people from Earth to Mars. Unfortunately due to the atmospheric pressure of Mars being 0.006 it was unable to absorb sunlight and thus had an average of -53c temperature on the planet. However, it was discovered that there was an immense volume of carbon dioxide on the planet and thus a plan was formed to heat up the planet in order to cause a greenhouse effect on the planet, naturally warming it over time. Various possibilities were offered: shooting it with nuclear weapon; focusing a giant mirror towards it or taking atmosphere from Earth and raising Mars pressure little by little. But another option was chosen: releasing moss and cockroaches. Mars will start to warm up and absorb the sunlight because the surface is covered in dark colors. Cockroaches will eat the moss, expand their living area and the carcasses will make the moss grow in even thicker, thereby creating an atmosphere suited for mankind.

Around 500 years later, in the 2500s all the drones who were sent to Mars stopped responding. Because of that, in 2577 A.D. a mission with sending astronauts to Mars was formed codenamed BUGS-1 to investigate the issues with drones and collect 10 female and male cockroaches. Upon landing on Mars, they discovered that the cockroaches have evolved and now have human-like appearance.


  • In 21st Century sending moss and cockroaches to Mars.
  • In 2577, sending BUGS1 to Mars to investigate and collect 10 male and female cockroaches.
  • In 2599, sending BUGS2 to Mars to investigate and exterminate the cockroaches.
  • In 2620, sending Annex I to Mars to research a vaccine for the AE virus and exterminate the cockroaches.

U-NASA membersEdit

U-NASA Washington D.C.

U-NASA Washington DC