Toshio Blight (トシオ・ブライト, Toshio Buraito) is English born Japanese. He was formerly a new hope for manga artists in Japan, until he caused some trouble due to his strong personality and was thrown out of the industry. In debt, he underwent the Bugs Procedure. He dislikes mochi.




Toshio is first seen on the spaceship Bugs #2, where he tells Redon to observe the typical japanese childhood friendship between Nanao and Shokichi. He continued with Shokichis jokes about Nanao, telling her she has to keep the yakuza code, since she is japanese.

Later when a cockroach broke in the spaceship, he was the one to notice that on outside there are hundred more cockroaches. following captain's order he was able to escape with the rest of the crew.

While running, accidentally they found Bugs #1 ship, and Thien suggested to check it, since it may still work. Redon with John staying outside to guard, while inside the rest saw that the ship have transmitted some message and then heard gunshots. When they went outside, they found John and Redon killed by the cockroaches who where using firearms and where hiding under the ship.

When the cockroaches surrounded and started to kill them, he stated that they can't be destroyed here and have to survive for the sacrifice that Davis and Ichiro done and was prepared to inject himself. But in that moment he realized that one of the crew members, Wood, was missing from some time. In that moment a cockroach send his head flying with one strike of his hand and killed Toshio.

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Toshio went trough Bug Procedure and received the Oniyanma dragonfly DNA to strengthen his body, but died before he was able to do or show anything.

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