Thomas Bellwood (トーマス・ベルウッド, Tōmasu Berūddo) is an American man and a crew member of Bugs #1.


Thomas has curly brown hair, black eyes, and a bulky face.


Thomas wasn't really shown throughout the manga, but he's shown to be intelligent and a bit of a jokester.


Thomas was first seen surprised by George proposing to Risa. During the time in space, he's shown to be close to Carlos a lot, suggesting they were pretty close, even poking fun at Kent about his competition of roach catching with George.

Upon landing on Mars and opening the doors of the spaceship, Thomas was surprised to see a Terraformar standing in front of him. Before he even realized, the Terraformar pierced him in the chest with a club and killed him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thomas is a normal human being, but he's shown to be somewhat intelligent early in the Prologue.