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Terra Formars - Akaki Hoshi No Gekitou (Cover)

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Terra Formars: Akari Hoshi no Gekitou (テラフォーマーズ 紅き惑星の激闘 Tera Fōmāzu Akaki Hoshi no Gekitō?) is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS based on the original manga of Tachibana Kenichi (draw) and Sasuga Yu (story). It was released in Japan on April 2, 2015.


Humans, in a quest to expand their reach into the unknown darkness of space, have established the planet Mars as their target. For colonization to succeed, humanity will arrive at a new spirit of the time, taking a step closer to the heavens that have always belittled this insignificant species.

In order to prepare Mars for the final exodus, and in its fervent preparation with the greatest mind, mankind has involuntarily designed a great madness, despite the genius of this plan.

By first sending the most resistant species of all species on Earth, Mars finally becomes habitable due to the slow influence of the common cockroach, but when the time came for humanity to claim its new home, they were not prepared for it. They saw: these terraformers had transformed at a terrifying rate into humanoid cockroaches with a frightening intelligence: a perverse possibility of evolution and the greatest threat of man.


Terra Formars: Akaki Hoshi No Gekitou is a battle action game developed by Furyu, and puts players in an impossible situation. By controlling several members of the Earth that have been genetically modified and endowed with primordial DNA.

The player will have the chance to play as the berserker Shokichi Komachi (Japanese Hornet), the cunning Marcos Eringrad García (Huntsman Spider), the determined Keiji Onizuka (mantis shrimp), the elegant Akari Hizamaru (Japanese silk moth), and of course, the ultra-powerful Michelle K. Davis (Blast Ant). And a variety of other characters besides that one can even play like Golden Terraforming.

The game is made up of the "Story Mode". There is also a "Versus Mode" and the "Super M.A.R.S Classification Mode". Finally, the game has a secret mission that serves as a prelude explaining the events 20 years before, in addition to having exclusive enemies of Terraformars in the game.

Playable CharactersEdit

Image Character Seiyū
Annex I
Squad 1
Shokichi Komachi 3DS game artwork Shokichi Komachi Hidenobu Kiuchi
Marcos E. Garcia 3DS game artwork Marcos E. Garcia Kaito Ishikawa
Keiji Onizuka 3DS game artwork Keiji Onizuka Daisuke Ono
Kanako Sanjo 3DS game artwork Kanako Sanjo Chiaki Takahashi
Jared Anderson 3DS game artwork Jared Anderson Taira Katsui
Squad 2
Michelle K. Davis 3DS game artwork Michelle K. Davis Shizuka Itou
Akari Hizamaru 3DS game artwork Akari Hizamaru Yoshimasa Hosoya
Alex K. Stewart 3DS game artwork Alex K. Stewart Kenn
Squad 3
Sylvester Asimov 3DS game artwork Sylvester Asimov Unshou Ishizuka
Ivan Perepelkin 3DS game artwork Ivan Perepelkin Kenji Akabane
Alexander Asimov 3DS game artwork Alexander Asimov Toru Nara
Squad 4
Liu Yiwu 3DS game artwork Liu Yiwu Tetsuo Komura
Squad 5
Adolf Reinhard 3DS game artwork Adolf Reinhard Kouji Yusa
Squad 6
Joseph G. Newton 3DS game artwork Joseph Gustav Newton Akira Ishida
Shokichi Komachi (OVA) 3DS game artwork Shokichi Komachi Hidenobu Kiuchi
Thien 3DS game Thien Tomohisa Hashizume
Golden Terraformar 3DS game artwork Golden Terraformar TBA


Image Character Seiyū
Scaly-foot Gastropod Terraformar 3DS game artwork Scaly-foot Gastropod Terraformar TBA
Hagfish Terraformar 3DS game artwork Hagfish Terraformar TBA
Jumping Cholla Terraformar 3DS game artwork Jumping Cholla Terraformar TBA
Dung Beetle Terraformar 3DS game artwork Dung Beetle Terraformar TBA