Tejas Viji (テジャス・ヴィジ, Tejasu Viji) is Indian and son the head of a small IT company in India. While Tejas was out partying because he didn't want to be the heir to the company, the economy took a turn for worse. He joined the bugs mission after his parents committed suicide and due to a large debt. His hobby is playing bass and favorite creatures is giant water bug.




Tejas is first seen on the spaceship Bugs #2, after the captain is able to defeat the cockroach that was able to get inside. The captain though of a escape plan for his crew and Tejas with his ability was the most important one in it. He tells the rest of the crew, that when the hatch opens, to hold to the vehicle with all of their strength, after that he injected himself.

When the hatch opened he used his ability and sended them flying out of the ship with incredible speed. Shokichi then congratulated Tejas, but noticed that his head was missing and saw a cockroach holding it next to the ship, which impressed him for being able to catch someone in that kind of speed but also angered him and calling the terraformars "monsters".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tejas transformed

Tejas Transformation

Through the Bug Procedure, he gained cells from a Steninae water skater, a subfamily of rove beetle. A bug which vigorously discharge gas similar to jet propulsion when enemies come nearby, allowing it to skip across the surface of water to escape. On top of that, it is said that the Steninae water skater can move a distance 150 times his own body length in under a second. Which, scaled up to human size, is approximately 945 km/h. In his transformed state he is able to discharge gas with incredible force from his mouth.

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