Sylvester Asimov (シルヴェスター・アシモフ, Shiruvesutā Ashimofu. Рус. Сильвестр Азимов) is a Russian man and a militar that chose to join the Annex Project to save his daughter from the deadly A.E. Virus that afflicts Earth.


Sylvester is a tall, muscular, middle-aged man with scars on the back of his hands, long light red hair and a large beard.

Personality Edit

Sylvester has been shown to be a man with a sense of humor, cracking jokes even while fighting the Terraformars. He also seems to enjoy teasing people, such as Shokichi and even Elena and Ivan. Being the oldest member of the Annex I crew, he acts as a father figure for the younger members of his squad, especially Ivan. He also seems to be overprotective of his daughter, not liking her to go out on dates, and he even punched (several times) his future son-in-law, Alexander, in the face before eventually accepting him. He also stated that if there is anything threatening his daughter whether it be a virus, cockroach, terrorist attack or ancient civilization he will chase it to the end of the universe and choke the life out of it. He also stated that he would sell out anyone in the world in order to save his daughter and unborn grandchild and to make sure that his son-in-law doesn't lose his family again. This makes him possess enough intimidation that made the Terraformars, who evolved to not have fear, run from him. He also deeply cares for the well-being of his squad, as he begged on his knees for forgiveness to Ivan for holding off the drug which caused Elena's death, and he felt incredibly frustrated that Alexander died while ignoring his orders.



Sylvester was originally in the army of a small country formerly part of the Commonwealth and had retired from the front lines after the fall of the regime. He applied to the Annex Project of his own free will after learning that his daughter, who is pregnant with his unborn grandchild, had the A.E. virus. He was asked by his country government to investigate the pyramids on Mars a look for Rahab legacy in order to obtain it and for the sake of his family he accepted knowing well that he might betray his foreign allies.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sylvester anime transformation artwork

Sylvester's Transformation

Sylvester is an officer and is considered to be one of the strongest members of the Annex I. After receiving his M.O. Operation Sylvester gained the powers and abilities of the Tasmanian king crab, giving him incredible strength and a hard shell which allows him to simply ignore the blows from the roaches without suffering damage and crush them easily. Moreover, he is able to eventually regenerate any lost limbs after few minutes with little effort, although the newly grown limb will have a thinner shell than the lost limb.

Even without the use of the drug, Sylvester possesses the strength & skill to kill a Terraformar with his bare fists. He is skilled in Judo.


  • Sylvester has talent in figuring out the password of his daughter's cell.
  • Sylvester continues to perform high-intensity workouts even after his promotion to a command position claiming that he does it "for his loving wife" but it is in reality just a hobby of his. Also, his wife worries about her husband's "hobbies".
  • His drug dispenser is in the form of a cigar.
  • When officers did arm wrestling, he ranked 1st place. Meaning he even beat Joseph.


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