Shun Takahashi (高橋 舜, Takahashi Shun) is a Japanese boy who fights the Terraformars to protect the Earth.


Shun is a young man with long orange hair and brown eyes.


Shun is a being who believes has a sense of duty and to protect the weakest. He has a slightly conceited personality.


Shun was present to help Samurai Sword in his battle against a Scaly-foot Gastropod Terraformar, this was very supportive with his weapon Anti-terraformars which provided a better window of opportunity for Samurai Sword to be the critical hit with which they managed to win.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After receiving your M.O. Operation, Shun gained the abilities of the Sperm Whale that allows him to perform "ecouragement", but he can also emit a "greater volume" of sound waves. Shun's special weapon, the ("Ram of Pisces", Anti-Terraforming Voice Power Tracer Sphere) has three sensors that instantly detect the direction of the sound waves that he emits. They also have internal batteries and compressed air that allow them to pursue the sound waves and when they go very far, the voice of Shun stimulates them from behind recharging them. Besides this, the energy generation device accumulates 79% of the generated explosion and reuses it .