Shokichi Komachi (小町 小吉, Komachi Shōkichi) is Japanese, despite disliking conflict, has a strong sense of justice. When he was 15 years old, he saw Nanao's stepfather abusing her and killed the man with his bare hands to protect her. After being released from juvenile prison, he underwent the B.U.G.S. procedure to follow after Nanao.


Bee's face

Komachi wearing a suit.

Komachi is a fit man with spiky hair that's neck length in the back. As an older man he has a goatee.


Shokichi is a man of justice, laid back and very caring and considerate to his subordinates. However, when someone dear to him is being harmed, he would show a completely different side of himself and is ready to kill anyone in the process.


BUGS2 Arc (2599 A.D.)Edit

Shokichi is first seen on the spaceship Bugs #2 inviting his childhood friend, Akita Nanao, to join him in a meal of Silk Moth Larvae. She refuses and berates him for not wanting to do his job, mocking his fear of cockroaches before assuring him that it'd be okay to slack off. Shokichi remembered chasing a moth from her room, and that she would have to repay him, but she pretended she didn't know about the incident.

When they reached the surface of Mars, Shokichi wanted to to spread the pesticide and leave due to his fear of cockroaches, but Captain Donatello K. Davis told him not to complain, reminding him that this was the mission they undertook the Bug Procedure for.

While walking around, Shokichi and Nanao encountered one of the mutated cockroaches. Initially mistaking it for a Martian, he attempted to make contact, only for the Roach to break Nanao's neck. Flashing back to the moment he saw Nanao's father beat her, Shokichi snapped and attempted to inject himself, only to be stopped by Nanao, who begged him not to show her 'That side' of him again before passing away.

Infuriated by her death, Shokichi attempts to inject himself once more only to be stopped by Thien and Maria, who were returning to base on Captain Davis' order to fall back. The cockroach, seeing it was outnumbered, retreated, allowing Shokichi to take Nanao's body back to the ship. While grieving over her death, he was provoked by God Lee, who claimed that, to their employers, their lives were no more than that of a Maggot before leaving on his own to exterminate the roaches.

Later on, a Roach, carrying Lee's severed head, broke into the ship, killing Maria in the process despite her using her Insect Form to defend herself. After Captain Davis transformed and killed the invading Roach, they soon discovered they were surrounded by hundreds of them.

When the Captain proposes that he and one other stay behind to distract the roaches while the others escaped, Shokichi amends the plan by suggesting they start a fire to suffocate all the cockroaches trapped inside Bugs II. He nominated himself to stay behind, but Thien manages to convince him otherwise. Ichiro had opted to stay back.  The rest of the crew managed to escape thanks to Tejas ability, though Teja himself was not so fortunate.

The escapees later stumbled across Bugs I, and Thien suggested to check if the older ship still functioned, leaving Redon and John on guard duty. While inside they see that the ship have transmitted some message and then heard gunshots, emerging to find John and Redon killed by the Roaches lurking under the ship who where using stolen firearms.

Shokichi immediately injected himself, remembering how Nanao died as a Roach grabs his head, countering the move by slamming the Roach on the ground, following it up with a punch to the face with his Insect Form's Stingers. He proceeded to mow through the roaches, 'stinging' them until they fell dead at his feet, killing ten Roaches on his own before Thien stopped him, a feat their Lieutenant applauded him for, though out of the original Five survivors, only those three remained.

As the mist of Mars started to clear, the trio found themselves gazing on three large pyramids. Wondering where they could have come from, they receive a radio transmission from Alexander of U-NASA, who instructed them that they must find the cockroaches eggs and destroy them.

At that moment, the sound of Bugs II's engines firing caught their attention, the trio returning to their ship just in time to see it crash back to the surface, brought down by Newborn Terraformars who had hatched inside, killing Julia and knocking out Ichiro.

While Thien and the Lieutenant helped fight off the Roaches, Shokichi followed a string of silk moss thread to the infirmary, where he found another Roach attempting to steal Nanao's corpse. Losing his temper once more, he fought the Roach head-on, losing his stingers in the process, only to kill it by punching it through the infirmary wall through brute strength alone.

Returning to the command centre, he found Ichiro and Thien as the sole survivors. Ichiro reveals that the escape pod could just barely fit two, and Thien, whose transformation has gone too far due to using multiple injections while being injured, urges them to go, as he is done for. Shokichi embraces the dying man, proclaiming him their friend and a true human, before entering the escape pod with Ichiro.

When Ichiro asks what Shokichi intends to do, Shokichi responds that he intends to build a grave for everyone who died, and then amass a new crew to head back and exterminate the roaches.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Shokichi, together with Michelle went to Bangkok, Thailand, to an underground arena looking for Akari following their investigation. They witnessed him fighting against a bear, and Shokichi explained that he is the same as Michelle, a Post-Surgery born. After Akari defeated the bear with his transformation, they confirmed that their information is correct and left the arena. 

42 years old Komachi during the Annex I arc

They went to see Akari backstage, where they saw him beating some guys and asking them about Yuriko. The guy told him that they had sold her to Shokichi, and pointed at him. Akari quickly grabbed him and told him to give her back, but Shokichi said to him that she is already dead. In his anger, Akari kicked Shokichi in the face, but he was barely affected by that. Shokichi told him they had done everything they can for her, but it was too late. Then he invited him to come with them and help the others in the same situation as Yuriko. After hearing what the disease that killed Yuriko and their plan for going on Mars was, Akari agreed to join them. Coming out for the building, Akari was crying for Yuriko and saying that he loved her. That moved Shokichi, who was reminded of the similar fate of his loved one and also started to cry and asked for sunglasses to hide them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shokichi anime transformation artwork

Shokichi's transformation

Shokichi awakening over-metamorphosis the DNA of Vespa mandarinia japonica

Shokichi's second stage transformation

Shokichi's over-metamorphosis

Shokichi's third stage transformation

Shokichi's new sting

Shokichi's Light of Caucus stinger

Shokichi overdose

Shokichi's overdose

The DNA used in Shokichi's Bug Procedure came from the animal that kills more human beings in Japan per year than either sharks or bears: the Japanese giant hornet (ōsuzumebachi), a subspecies of the Asian giant hornet (suzumebachi). Unlike most of the bees or hornets, who only attack in order to defend their hive, the Japanese giant hornet will attack anything that approaches their hives or the trees and other hives they are preying upon. Also unlike bees, who sting only once, the hornet will sting until it runs out of venom. As a result of this, Shokichi's insect form grants him not only enhanced strength and twin venomous stingers on each of his hands, but also the same level of ferocity, evidenced by his savagery in stinging the roaches even after they died. Due to this trait, both Captain Davis, Ichiro and Julia were warned to steer clear of Shokichi when in his transformed state.

After twenty years of training, his control over his transformed state has increased dramatically. He is shown to be calm in combat, showing none of the uncontrolled aggression that he was once characterized for. Also, he has discovered the ability to fire of his stingers as short range, armor-piercing projectiles. These stingers are also shown to grow back if given sufficient time. He also learned martial arts as he used foot technique while fighting two enhanced Terraformars which proved to be effective.

In his second stage insect form he develops blades on his wrists and heels akin to the hornet's powerful mandibles. They are razor-sharp, being able to cut into even the Tasmanian king crab Terraformars with ease. In his third stage he grows a hornet's wings from his back, enabling him to lift off, although he has not shown the ability of sustained flight.

Being insect-based, he cannot regrow lost limbs on his own. However, after having his left arm cut off by Joseph Gustav Newton, he was able to regrow a rougher, bigger arm using a device called "Light of Caucus". Due to unknown reasons the newly-grown arm eventually broke apart on its own.

His wasp venom is highly potent able to kill most anything in a few minutes but it does have drawbacks. The venom does not have much effect on creatures or people that have a stronger venom than he does as when he blasted Liu Yiwu full in the face with one of his stingers to no effect due to Liu having abilities of the blue-ringed octopus, which is one of the most venomous animals in the world.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the two survivors of BUGS2 to join Annex I, and the only human to have stepped in Mars twice within the series.
  • According to him if he had an actual combat weapon (instead of an antidote) then his M.A.R.S. ranking would be higher.
  • He likes tropical fish and dislikes cockroaches.
  • Both of the women who fell in love with Shokichi died in his arms on Mars because of the Terraformars.
  • Ironically, the hornet stinger was thought to be ineffective against the Terraformars only for it to turn out to be a real threat to them.
  • When BUGS2 crews did arm wrestling, he ranked 3rd place.
  • When officers did arm wrestling, he ranked 6th place.
  • As of now, it is is revealed that he is alive but now under control of the Chinese. (Chapter 197)

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