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Shichisei Hiruma (蛭間 七星, Hiruma Shichisei) is the major of the Japan Air and Self Defence force, and deputy commander of U-NASA's Annex Project.


Shichisei has slick backed hair and wears a suit with a tie.


Shichisei is seen as a stern person. He's seen as well as to have a control over his hostility when having a conversation with Pofessor Honda. He has a standing approach in engaging with people,though his former personality is rather fearsome.


Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

When the Annex 1 had taken off for their launch for Mars, Shichisei had looked to investigate a secret in the project of Bugs 2 and the Annex 1 purpose in their mission on Mars by coonversating with Professior Honda. The same Shichisei learned of the bases of Honda's procedures during the Bugs 2 project failure. He learned not only did the Bugs 2 project fail, with members of Bugs 2 base surgery being stolen, but also by two of Bugs 2 members surviving, the UNASA project manage to counter the Terra Formars by creating monsters of their own with a sample of a defeated Terra Formar head.

Further conversing with Dr.Honda Shicchisei informs Honda the Bugs surgery wasn't used on the crew of the Annex 1, instead another development was created to advance the crew to the conditions of Mars as well to combat the newly perform Terra Formars. Rather than the Bugs surgery being used, the Annex 1 crew were all modified with an organ synthetic, Mosiac Organ. Shichisei explains to Honda the organ of the Mosiac operations is much similar to the Bugs surgery 2, where the organ of the Terra Formars acts any normal organ. Much like how a human organ is proceeded through transplants where the organ isn't always successful. In he puts into an addition reference the procedure as acts much like how a babies DNA is carried while they remain within their mother's womb acquring a percetage adaptable tolerance than that of the Terra Formars themselves when narrowing the relations of evolutions beween the two species. He also shares through this reference that by them claiming the Mosaic organ of the Terra Formars, they were able to lead the same mutational evolution as the Terra Formars.

Shichisei also explains that substituting the Bug surgery for the Mosaic their not only able at increasing human capability, they alone, USNASA were able to subject the crew members with non-insects as well, while using similar methods of the Bugs surgery. Honda then expressed his concern that by eliminating the Bugs surgery the body mass of the human body to be compatiable with the Mosiac organ would be lost. Seeing as though the non-insect manipulation of the procedure of the 'Open Blood Vascular System and Amored Skin Of Harden Amylose' would make the user less enable to combat the exact performance of the Terra Formars. Shichisei than further explains to Honda that they didn't elimiate the procedures of the Bugs surgery due to the exhaling performance of its two memebers, (Captain Dontello K. Davis and Shokichi). Where the relationship of the animal/insect is shared with the blood system of the human body tolerance. Expressing that the insect base is used with the animal base, securing the Open Blood Vascular System and Amored Skin Of Harden Amylose. Where the base of the insect is used to hold the properties of strength while the animal base holds the abilities of both land, air, and sea.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shichisei has no powers.


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