Sasuga Yu (貴家 悠, Sasuga Yū) is a japanese manga author, born in 1988. His most famous works is Terra Formars, collaboration project made with his fellow manga author Tachibana Kenichi, who is in charge of the illustration.


He made his debut in 2011 in Miracle Jump with Terra Formars, while still being a student. Terra Formars was project made together with Tachibana Kenichi, who was in charge of the illustration. Originally Terra Formars published 6 chapters in Issues 2011-01 to 2011-06 (from January to December 2011) in Miracle Jump and one Prologue chapter named Terra Formars One in Young Jump Issue 27-2011. After that the manga was moved to Young Jump in April in Issue 2012-22-23 and turned into a weekly series. As of now Terra Formars have published total 6 volumes and it’s still going.