Samurai Sword (サムライソード, Samuraisōdo), real name unknown, is a member of the Ichi Security.


She is a young woman with blond hair and blue eyes.


She has a very quiet personality, but he will not hesitate to unleash his anger to protect the innocent.


She has a tragic and obscure past that very few know because she does not relate to many people. Years later began in the mastery of sword techniques that today used to fight against the Terraformars.

It was she who rescued and brought Akari and Saito to the surface when they were in the drains that were being flooded.

I fight in the front against several Demon Dragonfly Terraformars that defeated easily with their skills and also faced the Scaly-foot Gastropod Terraformar which I managed to overcome with the help of Shun.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After submitting to the M.O Operation, she gained the skill of the weaver ant, which gives her the ability to produce yarn, a great strength her lower extremities and in her thumb and little finger.

Her base operation was a great success since she allowed a better command in her combat style, because she uses the ("Castor", Anti-Terraforming Blade "Odachi" Cutter of Justice) a sword of great size, weight and durability.

She has a great experience to fight with several enemies combined her resistant threads and her dexterity with her great sword.

Trivia Edit