Sakurato Harukaza (春風桜人, Harukaze Sakurato) caught the A.E. Virus and six months later was transfarred to the american infirmary thanks to his mother, who worked in U-NASA's Japan Branch. He has received a transplant from his sister to treat his marrow degeneration, but his condition has not yet stabilized. He is in no condition to leave the hospital. He likes pizza, french fries and his favourite animal is bushvelt rain frog.


Sakurato is a young japanese boy with slim body. He have a brown hair.

He is seen wearing a patient clothing due to being hospitalised.


Sakurato is a cheerful and kind young boy, despite having a feeling that he may not make it.


Sakurato was infected with the Alien virus and was moved to United Nasa where he meet and befriend Akari.