Risa Oikawa (リサ・オイカワ) is a Japanese crew member of Bugs #1.


Risa is young, healthy woman, with a pleasant face aspect, brown long hair and black eyes.


Risa has a happy, fun personality, much like her successor, Akita Nanao.


She was first seen surprised by George Smiles' marriage proposal. She accepted, but with a condition: he needs to capture the most roaches. Kent Holland tried to convince her otherwise, telling her that George is a moron, but she said that this was her choice.

Upon landing on Mars and opening the doors, two crew members quickly died from the hands of a Terraformer. George and the rest armed themselves and stood in front of her to protect her, but they didn't stand a chance. Seeing George getting relaxed, thinking he killed the Terraformer after beheading him, she rushed in and stood in front to protect him with her body against the Terraformer's attack. Moments later George was holding her dead body in his arms and died too.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Risa is a healthy, fast young woman with good reflexes.