Nanao Akita (秋田 奈々緒, Akita Nanao) is a Japanese girl, who was abused by her stepfather. She tends to talk really big, but has a really sweet personality. She joined the bugs project to pay back her stepfather's debts. Her special skill is cooking with leftovers. She also dislikes moths.


Nanao has a normal height and body, with long black hair, black eyes and a young, cute face.


Although her past was difficult, she did not turn bitter. She is Shokichi's childhood/best friend, and they fought and acted like lovers, according to everyone on Bugs 2. She wanted to resolve disputes through talking, not violence.


Nanao is first on the spaceship Bugs #2 where she was invited by her childhood friend Shokichi Komachi to eat moths with him, but she quickly refused. She scolded him for not wanting to do his job, because he doesn't like cockroaches and thought it'd be okay if 2-3 people from 15 were slacking off. He remembered a story in the past, where he chased a moth from her room, and that she'd have to repay him, but she pretended she didn't know.

When they reached the surface of Mars and went walking with Shokichi, they encountered one of the mutated cockroaches. He thought it was a martian and thought they could talk it out, but suddenly the cockroach broke Nanao's neck. That angered Shokichi, who was about to inject himself and activate his bug transformation, but Nanao stopped him, since he didn't wanted anymore to see that side of his (referring to the time, where he killed her stepfather after witnessing her being sexually abused by him). She hoped that they still can talk it out, but then she died. Her body was brought by Shokichi, Maria and Thien back to the ship, where Shokichi was seen crying over her death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Her abilities remain unknown. She went through the Bug Procedure and received bug DNA, but died before she was able to do or show anything. It is revealed after her death that her surgery was based on a silk moth, and at the very least this allowed her to produce durable silk from her index finger. Strangely, this ability is exhibited after her death, making her one of the few characters in the series to be able to use her abilities without the use of the drug.

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