Michelle K. Davis (ミッシェル・K・デイヴス, Missheru K Deivusu) is an American girl and the only daughter of Donatello K. Davis.


Michelle is a young American woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is an attractive woman with a lean muscular body. She wears frame-less glasses; she has a bust size of an E-cup.


Michelle is an earnest, tomboyish and diligent woman that takes her job in high regards and follows in the steps of her father. She dislikes peppy college students, likes to eat anything filling and opposed to her usual behavior, she has a softer side with a secret love of cute animals.

Before coming to Mars, Michelle focused on her training and hate for the Terraformars and even declared that the purpose of her life is to kill one more of them and that all of Mars is her enemy. However, after coming to Mars, Michelle started to change and cared more about her comrades and subordinates than killing Terraformars which is something Shokichi noted.



Michelle was born to her father Donatello after he went through the BUG surgery. Due to this, she inherited her father's powers and the mosaic organ. Her power manifested at a young age which caused her great fear. After her father's death on Mars, she never knew the truth, and she began to doubt him, because he abandoned his family and mostly abandoned her, his 'monster of a daughter.'

However, she would learn the truth from Shokichi, one of her father subordinates during BUGS II, after joining the Annex project.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Michelle is first seen together with Shokichi in Bangkok, Thailand, going to an underground arena looking for Akari, following their investigation. She was surprised that the underground arena was existing. They witnessed Akari fighting against a bear, and Shokichi explained that he is the same as Michelle, a Post-Surgery born, which surprised her. After Akari defeated the bear with his transformation, they confirmed that their information is correct and left the arena. They went to see Akari backstage, where they saw him beating some guys and asking them about Yuriko. The guy told him that they had sold her to Shokichi, and pointed at him. After Shokichi was able to convince Akari to join them, on their way out of the building, seeing both Akari and Shokichi crying for their lost love, she commented that this was somewhat cute.

Later Michelle visited Akari in the hospital after his surgery. She explained to him that they knew that his operation would be a success, even though the success rate is not very high. She also told him that they got around 100 people for their mission, which was a surprise for him since the success rate was so low.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Michelle anime transformation artwork

Michelle's Transformation

Like Akari, she is the daughter of a subject of the Bug Procedure, which gives Michelle the same powers her father had, that of the Paraponera clavata. This gives her formidable strength and durability allowing her to sustain hits from the Terraformars while crushing them easily. 

After receiving her M.O. Operation, Michelle gained the powers of the blast ant, giving her the ability to inject the roaches with a chemical that makes them explode after a couple of seconds like a bomb. According to researchers, her ground state is more insect-like than Akari's.

Michelle's fighting style revolves around both her abilities using the bullet ant's superior strength to bull her way through most enemies. However, using the blast ant's chemicals to leave marks that explode reducing the target to nothing more than a puddle of goop, although she is not afraid to use various joint locks wrestling and mixed martial arts fighting techniques to disable those in her way.

Trivia Edit

  • Her most prized treasure is a wristwatch from her mother gave to her as a present to celebrate her employment.
  • She is worried about how her mother once looked at her music player and said "girls shouldn't be listening to this stuff all the time," and added Canadian pop.

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