Maria Viren (マリア・ビレン, Maria Biren) born in a poor town in Russia, she made a living prostituting herself out to the tourists. At the age of 15 she was adopted by a wealthy Taiwanese man, but when he died it was discovered he had left behind a lot of debts, so she joined the bugs project to pay them off.

Her hobby is drawing and she likes miso soup.




Maria is first seen on the spaceship Bugs #2, laughing at Komachi Shokichi for being afraid of cockroaches. She mentioned she was raised with them without knowing, so she isn't afraid of them.

When they landed on Mars, she was surprised to find it wasn't cold and that there was moss everywhere. While walking with Thien, they encountered three lifeforms and quickly hid behind a boulder, Thien quickly deducing them to be mutated Cockroaches. They received order to withdraw and started running towards the base, encountering Shokichi, who was about to inject himself to avenge Nanao's death, stopping him just in time, their presence driving off the cockroach he'd been about to attack.

While awaiting God Lee's return to base following his setting out on his own to exterminate the Roaches, a roach broke into the ship carrying his severed head. Maria quickly injected and tried to defend herself but the cockroach split her in two with a single swipe. At the moment of her death, Maria's life flashed before her eyes, recalling the roach she'd killed shortly after being adopted and brought to Taiwan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maria taking defense position

Maria's Transformation

The DNA used in Maria's Bug Procedure came from the rainbow stag beetle (Phalacrognathus muelleri).

In her transformed state, she gains the beetle's hard exoskeleton, which she can use for defense. However, despite her stag beetle strength and hard shell, she quickly succumbs from the Terraformar's attack.

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