Marcos Eringrad Garcia (マルコス・エリングラッド・ガルシア, Marukosu Eringuraddo Garushia) is a Mexican boy who, along with his two childhood friends, escaped from his country for poverty and joined the Annex Project to have the american citizenship.


Marcos is a muscular 16 year old boy with short spiky blonde hair and green eyes.


Marcos can be seen as a trouble maker at first, but he is a good person who value his friendship with his friends and care greatly about them. He cared greatly for his childhood friend Sheila Levitt and after witnessing her death he went berserk and killed the Terraformar that killed her and after taking the drug he almost killed all the Terraformars that were surrounding them had he not been exhausted. He also stated that while his feeling for her wasn't love he liked her, wanted her to be happier than anyone else and the reason he came to Mars was to protect her. His care for his friends can be similar to Shokichi Komachi care for his comrades and friends as both of them were driven by rage and sorrow to kill the Terraformars due to the death of someone they greatly cared about.

Another example for his care bout his friend is that when he learned that Shokichi former comrades and friends corpses were looted by the Terraformers so they can gain the Bug Surgery he was angered and would have fought the enhanced had not Shokichi stopped him. Latter he was shown to be worried about the captain after realizing that the silk moth Terraformar was created using someone important to him.



Marcos is born in the cartel-dominated north of Mexico. He lived with his mother for a long time knowing nothing of his father except that he was a gangster. At the age of 6 he met Alex Stewart at his mother's former workplace, and with him he later meet Sheila Levitt. Has experience with near all part-time jobs but always started skipping work a few days (or minutes) after payday. Along with Alex he decided to escape Mexico and go to the U.S.A hoping to find a honest work and find their friend Sheila that went there shortly before.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Marcos TF

Marcos was first seen meeting Alex in a back alley, letting him know that they will have meat tonight. But they quickly got into argument fight, but due to being hungry, they didn't have energy to fight. They were approached by some gangsters and to the surprise of Alex, Marcos was with them. They quickly got in another argument, and eventually Alex left saying he didn't want to see Marcos again. While travelling on the back of truck with the other gangsters, he remembered his past with Alex and Sheila. Upon reaching the house they needed to rob, and seeing how they were going to do it with starting a fire, Marcos asked the boss if they have done the same thing in Gran Mexico. After that Marcos attacked the boss with a metal pipe and the another member. The rest of gangsters took out their guns and even though Marcos tried to protect himself using the body of a gangster, he still was shot in the shoulder. But then Alex came throwing a rock with great precision, making them drop their weapons. The two of them continued to fight against the gangsters.

Later Marcos and Alex were seen hiding in a back alley. They remembered their conversation with Sheila about Mars, and decided to try going to U-NASA after realizing they had nothing to lose. On the next day they went to U-NASA and wanted to take on the surgery and to their surprise they saw Sheila there.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Marcos anime transformation artwork

Marcos's Transformation

After the Mosaic Organ Operation, Marcos gained the powers of the huntsman spider, giving him great strength, ferocity and incredible speed that can surpass the roaches leaving them no time to counter attack. He has immeasurable speed in short bursts and can fight without breaks until the serum end due to his high endurance. In combat Marcos also uses a staff that he calls the "Archnebuster Mk.II" (it's name is heavily mocked by his friends as they say it sounds like it was meant to 'bust' Spiders instead of cockroaches) that he uses to deflect ranged attacks and impale the roaches. Being a baseball player, he also uses the staff as a bat, working with pitcher Alex K. Stewart in great synch, sending specialized spheres right through the Terraformars.

When Marcos returned to Earth he underwent an operation to obtain a brain-machine interface, which consisted of embedding electrodes in his brain and nerves to move a machine with brain waves. The compatibility of the process was successful thanks to the base type of Marcos, thus giving him the management of controlling 8 limbs for it was created the new exclusive first class weapon ("Archnebuster Mk.VIII", Mosaic-Hybrid Organ Weapon).

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