Liu Yiwu (劉 翊武, Ryū Īu) is a Chinese officer in Annex I. He was appointed as the leader of the Sino-Asian Squad #4 when they crashed on Mars.


Liu is a very tall man with black hair and a large beard. He has black eyes and always wears glasses.

Team-4 China

Personality Edit

While at first he was the least characterized officer in the Annex, usually staying in the background and not standing out too much (despite being the tallest person in the Annex), after his betrayal was exposed, he revealed his confident and ruthless personality. He has shown to be tolerant of his subordinates minor blunders (such as Hong's), but he also has showed respect to a fallen adversary (Alexander Asimov).



Liu was born in a less-affluent, abandon area but despite this he entered the military after graduating at the top of his college class thanks to his hardworking attitude and connections. At the age of 24 he married the daughter of a high official and after his hard work in the army he was chosen for the Annex Project.

It is revealed later that Zhang Ming-Ming was his crush and childhood friends.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Yiwu, along with the rest of his team, was thought dead after their "corpses" were found burned beyond recognition. This turned out to be a ruse in an attempt to not only take control of ANNEX I but also to make China the Earth's main government superpower. Yiwu demanded Komachi Shokichi surrender Akari Hizamaru and Michelle K. Davis so China could study them and find a way to recreate their natural born abilities. He ends up fighting Komachi, revealing that not only did he lie about his powers (he claimed to be an anaconda) but that his and the rest of his team's powers are Anti-Human. He fights Sylvester Asimov before escaping back into the ANNEX when Hong uses her M.O. Operation to fend off the Terraformars.There he walks the halls with his squad while Alexander Asimov sets off his traps. Finding the cut firing tube with the crew, he then arrives at Hong to see Alexander's death. Later, he is chasing after Michelle and Akari while they are acting as decoys only to be met by Joseph Gustav Newton and he, along with three Bao clones, proceed to fight. Eventually, the clones are killed, leaving Liu and Joseph. As the Chinese warship looms overhead, Liu tells Joseph to kill him and that it was too late. He begs Joseph to take Akari, although the rest of this sentence is never completed as General Bao blasts them both.

Later on Liu reappears heavily wounded alongside Joseph to save Shokichi from a Terraformar. Once the Officers regroup, Liu agrees to fight alongside them once more. When Joseph gets infected with Kai's spore, Liu is ordered by Shokichi to fight off the Terraformars with Sylvester while he deals with Joseph.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Liu is an officer and also be considered one of the strongest members of Annex I despite his low M.A.R.S Ranking. After receiving his M.O. Operation Liu gained the powers and abilities of the blue-ringed octopus, allowing him to make use of the extremely potent tetrodotoxin which causes paralysis. He can disperse it into the air as poison gas, but also use it as a painkiller and a way to boost and encourage regeneration in his body. He has multiple muscular tentacles, which allow him to also use to fight and restrain enemies. He can regenerate his tentacles if they are lost in battle.

Liu is also skilled in kenpo as he was able to match with Sylvester Asimov, who is incredibly skilled at judo, and was capable of fending off Shokichi who is 6th dan in karate. He was also shown to be able to easily crush a Terraformar's neck with his hand without transforming.


  • While he is ranked #44, this was just so he could be part of the Engineer division and also because the officers were decided before the ranks. He is truly among the strongest in the Annex 1 crew.
  • He wonders why his wife wants to replace his current furniture with ones worth 100 times the price.
  • He took and mastered the same body image training as the Newtons.
  • He likes every food very spicy or strong and dislikes keyboards with small "enter" keys.
    Rank-4(Liu Yiwu)
  • His hobbies are terrariums and raising coelacanths.
  • Like every Chinese member, he faked his M.A.R.S Ranking. According to Mars File guidebook, if serious, he would have been #4.

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