Kou Honda (本多 晃, Honda Kō) was a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a technician for U-NASA's BUGS-2 project. 20 years later after the tragedy of BUGS-2, he is currently a bartender for a small bar.


At his young age, Honda was a young handsome man with light hair and wore eye glasses. In his old age, he has somewhat shrivelled up looking very thin and hair having shortened and sleeked back.



BUGS2 Arc (2599 A.D.)Edit

Professor Honda was first seen to giving a lecture about Mars and the terraforming project at the Tokyo's National Jounan high school, presented by HNK's "Welcome back, Senior!".  When he was finished his lecture, during the Q&A session the student's group leader asks if they would go and take care of the cockroaches once the terraforming project was done. Professor Honda briefly hesitates, but quickly replies back that once the atmosphere has stabilized, a group of brave astronauts will go on a great space cockroach extermination with a forced smile. After the lecture, he was seen in his car, where he was told that BUGS-2 have successfully landed on Mars. While looking at the crews' information, he was asked by the driver, on why the astronauts are not real astronauts like BUGS-1 crew. Honda replies back, stating they have received the BUGS surgery which allows them to operate for a long time on the current martian atmosphere and that the success rate of it was a mere 30%; It was as if telling them to die. He then asks the driver if he knew what kind of people they were, using Komachi Shokichi as an example he explains that Komachi Shokichi was a murderer having murdered fellow crew member Akita Nanao's stepfather. Startled, the driver asks if with BUGS surgery the BUGS-2 crew were made from death row convicts. Honda tells him that while not true, Shokichi is indeed a murderer but even murderers and death row convicts have human rights thus they cannot be forcefully used as experiments. However, there is a world even below them filled with people of no human rights, those with no money.

Later He calls Alexander Gustav Newton who thanked him for the delicious sushi, particularly the seafood bulgogi sushi. But Honda chides him, asking him if he really was sane in continuing on the mission after hearing the situation on Mars. When Alexander says there was no worry, Honda snaps back saying that the atmosphere is still unstable and they would be operating at the same conditions of 7,000m (23,00ft), saying while a clean up is possible, but not battle conditions even with BUGS surgery. However Alexander asks him if they really did the 30% success rate of BUGS surgery simply so they could "work". Alexander then reminds Honda of the process of BUGS surgery and tells him that if a normal human can't do it, then they need to send in Spiderman. Alexander continues on, asking him further on why humans particularly hated cockroaches. When Honda doesn't respond, Alexander tells him in his theory it is because they despise anything that is similar to humans and they do not want to see their ancestors face. He then shows Honda images of from God Lee's internal camera, stating it was the answer of Mother Rahab.

During the time captain Davis was fighting with the bugs, Victoria Wood reports to Professor Honda about the current situation and the plan had entered to the point where they just needed to light the fires inside the ship. He told her that once Donatello K. Davis is dead, it will be much easier for her to act and to continue monitoring them. However, he warns her not to approach Komachi Shokichi's insect form. Afterwards, when the plan succeeds and Victoria murdered Davis and woken up Ichiro they found what Honda ordered them to find before the mission; a Terraformar egg. However while Victoria was reporting to Honda that they had the egg, the egg suddenly hatches and the 2 newly hatched terrformars disables Victoria and has the ship crash back to Mars. Honda desperately tries to get them to answer back but instead Alexander hijacks the call much to his shock. Alexander tells him that he enjoyed the idea of the golden cockroach wasp and sleeping chironomid and that he was surprised Honda was able to sneak into the inner workings of BUGS surgery. However, he chastises Honda, stating that despite his attempts to bring back a terraformar for war and/or defensive leverage. evolution was beyond human theory and that it is happening in front of them. Honda can only merely ask if they could at least exterminate them all at the present, to which Alexander simply states that they can only observe.

Annex I Arc (2620)Edit

20 years later working at a bar in Japan he is approached by Shichisei Hiruma, who orders a double shot of SeikimatsuII on the rocks. As Honda nervously poured him his drink, Shichisei tells him that 16 years ago U-NASA was forced under pressure by member nations to officially announce the Mars Terraforming project, but was able to hide the secret missions of BUGS-1 and BUGS-2 that happened 42 years ago and 20 years ago respectively. He goes on saying that Honda was part of the BUGS-2 project as a technician, and tried to outdo the other member nations using his brother but failed. He comments that he is amused Honda has managed to live up to this day but thanks him anyway for managing to live that long. Shichisei then tell him he did not come to him as a U-NASA member, rather as a soldier of Japan saying he needs Honda's help and his information important to what he wants to talk about; ANNEX I project.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit