Kent Holland (ケント・ホーランド, Kento Hōrando) is New Zealander and crew member of Bugs #1.


Kent has a strong-looking face, with blond hair and blue eyes.


Kent has a normal, serious personality.


Kent was first seen surprised by George proposing to Risa. He tried to convince her otherwise and that George is not good for her, but she didn't changed her mind. Hearing about the condition, he told George he won't let him capture a single roach and to watch his back.

Upon landing on Mars and opening the doors they were surprised by a Terraformer, who quickly killed Thomas and Carlos. Kent and the rest quickly grabbed some weapons and tried to shoot the Terraformer, but the gun turned out ineffective against him. Seeing how Goerge was distracted by the Terraformar's quick attack resulting in the death of their captain, Kent rushed in and protected George with his own body from the Terraformer's next attack. Moment before he died, Kent told him that he warned him to watch his back and since now he is out, he encouraged him with a smile, to go and get the most roaches.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kent is a healthy man with good reflexes.