Kanako Sanjo (三条 加奈子, Sanjou Kanako) is a girl that joined the Annex I Project under Komachi Shokichi's tutelage.


Kanako is a young girl with short hair and black eyes. She has an A cup but wears her bra high.




Her mother and father were a tv personality and a famous soccer player, respectively. Like her parents Kanako too had a promising future as a track-and-field star but her life had a turn for the worse once her father was discovered using performance enhancers. Her mother's involvement in some shady business started to form a rift between the two leading to Kanako's departure from home. Due to the ever-increasing loans her family racked up, and the dogged pursuit of the authorities, Kanako began looking for money to sever her connections. For this reason she joined the Annex Project.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Earth Arc Edit

After her return to Earth, Kanako and the surviving members of the Japanese members of the Annex I joined the Escort 1. She and Keiji were investigating the numerous kidnappings of many Japanese citizens. She and her partner detected Kyoko_Kamifukuoka's scream after a Terraformer grabbed her head. Kanako flew Keiji to the Kamifukuoka's apartment allowing him to drive the Terraformer away.

She was left to handle the witnesses: Kyoko Kamifukuoka, her step-son Ryouta Kamifukuoka and his girlfriend Misaki Fujimino. After noticing the ample breasts of the two naked women, Kanako hastily stated she was on the wrong floor and quickly left.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Kanako anime transformation artwork

Kanako's Transformation

Her M.O. Operation is white-throated needletail. This grants her lightweight skin of amylose and strong chest muscles for flight. While flying she is so fast that terraformers can't react. She uses a special body kit weapon with blades allowing her to swiftly kill terraformars at once by flying through them.

After returning to Earth, she was given a more advanced body kit that could be converted into a pocket bag.


  • Her favourite foods are tofu and yogurt.
  • She dislikes family restaurant owned by men with an obvious interest in their waitress.
  • In the spin-off series "Today's terraformars is on break!", it is shown that Kanako is very sensitive about her bust size, even going as far as molesting Eva frost (When she calmly mentions her undergarments frequently being stolen) and she even managed to scare Adolf Reinhard and Sylvester Asimov (Favoring bigger busts) in anger.
  • She is in love with Marcos.E.Garcia, but got rejected by him in chapter 173.5 (It was an Extra chapter)

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