Joseph Gustav Newton (ジョセフ・グスタフ・ニュートン, Josefu Gusutafu Nyūton) is from Roma Federation and officer in Annex I. He was appointed as the leader of the Euro-African Squad #6, when they crashed on Mars.


Joseph is a muscular young man with mid neck-length blonde hair and blue eyes.


Joseph has been shown to be a flirt and a romantic. He even stated that love is a legitimate form of infection. He is also slightly laid back as he considered running away from the Terraformars. He was shown against the idea of hitting a woman as he became very angry when Bao tried to use Michelle K. Davis to divert the attention of the Terraformars by kicking her outside and became more aggressive while attacking him and stated that someone who would hit a woman wouldn't understand why he did that.

While his feelings for Michelle are genuine, he's also ruthless and even brutal when getting what he wants. This ruthless side is a result of his upbringing in the Newton Clan, as when he was young he learned that he was the result of a loveless contract. Since then he adheres to the belief that love does not exist and is envious of those that do possess it.


Past Edit

Joe was featured on TV with a nickname of "Speedy Joe". A popular 17-year-old High School Senior, who earned a gold medal in decathlon. It was a competition known as "The King of the Athletes". Afterwards he left track and field like any other high schooler. He took his entrance exams and got into E.U's best University. At the same time, he also attended an Air Force Command Academy, graduating with record-high grades. With his master's degree in Biology and Aerospace Engineering in hand, he became an Air Force officer. His clan is selective breeding on humans who are in the top for their base talent for 600 years.

Joseph's birth was the result of his father furthering his family's genetics in improving facial features. This desire resulted him in contracting a Lithuanian prostitute to produce a viable child with him.He and his father stayed with her a 3 months after his birth while his mother loved him and her son,she never married into the clan.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

After the crash landing of the ANNEX I Joseph orders his team to hide while he scouts the area. He watches the explosion from Adolf's body and remarks on the shame of Eva dying. He is ambushed by a legion of Terraformars and prepares for battle. He is later seen beside a large pile of Terraformars he has defeated.Later he finds Eva(new regenerated form)and kills her and stealing her mosaic organ the result of which gives him the powers of the planarian and the electric eel which EVA got due to absorbing Adolf's DNA.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Joseph anime transformation artwork

Joseph's Sword

While his powers and base surgery are unknown, he is strong enough to take on enough Terraformars to make a mountain-sized pile out of their bodies without any visible signs of transformation. His strength, speed, endurance and intelligence is the result of 600 years of selective breeding conducted by the Newton Clan. It can be said he is fighting as a "human type".

His sword is the same type used by George Smiles 43 years before, and even when he started training in using the sword after he joined the U-Nasa, about two years, he is skilled enough to use it with efficiency and accuracy.

As a human bred to be the pinnacle of Homo sapiens, he can subsist on a few seconds of rest per day, dodge gunfire at pointblank range, see long range attacks, has a reaction time of 0.1 seconds(which takes A LOT of practice to get),exhibit fine control of his muscles, control his sense of pain, and move his eyeballs in a opposing directions to react to danger. Joseph can run a marathon in less than an hour.

Trivia Edit

  • Kai stated that his base organism will affect any insect, and then infected Joseph later on possibly showing that Joseph may be an Insect base. However, Joseph himself stated that the spore wasn't controlling him and that all it did was stimulate his brain.
  • He and Akari Hizamaru are tied as 2nd place for having the most bases.
  • Before Joseph was even born a leader(of the clan) said centuries ago,"it took 600 years"...he was correct.
  • Joe is from Philadelphia.
  • With his IQ being 186 he is without a doubt the smartest character in the show.
  • He is tied with Tatsuhiro Someya on the terraformar combat score.
  • Joe butchered Eva's body into five parts.One became the Eva who helped Akari. The others became seven Evas that just stuck around with him, as he took away their memories so they wouldn't kill him.
  • Joseph has yet to meet his mother.
  • Joseph impregenated his best friend's Jack's girlfriend right after staging an event to send him to jail. It's important to note these were his only real friends
  • Joseph is a father and his kid is 7-8 right now but he has yet to meet him/her.
  • Joseph is an extremely narcissistic and sociopathic person.

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