Jonathan Red (ジョナサン・レッド, Jonasan Reddo) is an American man and captain of BUGS1.


Jonathan is a not entirely serious man who is a friend to his comrades. He has a heart and is a bit of a "softy".


Jonathan has short brown hair with sideburns, a goatee and grey eyes. He wears the BUGS1 Uniform like everyone else.


Red was first seen surprised by George proposing to Risa. Seeing how Kent was trying to convince Risa that George is no good for her, Red told him to stop, since the more he talks, the more pathetic he looks. Then, Davis called them, and Red quickly told him that George had proposed to Risa, but Davis quickly skipped the conversation and asked for details on their mission. That angered Red who even pointed a gun towards the screen. At first, Red thought Davis was a cold-hearted bastard, but after he gave them the details of their mission and then congratulated George and Risa, he changed his mind.

After that, Red gave a speech, saying he is happy that after all the hard and endless training all of them have become astronauts. Then he started crying, moved, again by the happiness of George and Risa, and brought out some alcohol to celebrate.

Upon landing on Mars, Red tried to scare Risa, saying that it's possible after opening the door, 20,000 roaches to burst in. But after opening the door, there was only one roach. This super-evolved humanoid roach quickly killed Thomas and Carlos. Red, along with Kent and George, quickly grabbed some weapons, to protect themselves and Risa, but the guns turned out to be ineffective against the Terraformar. In a short amount of time, the Terraformar flung his club. The club cut a little bit of George's cheek but, slammed a chunk of John's head, killing him instantly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being given a captain's sword, it's suggested that he was somewhat skilled with a sword. His human capabilities didn't get him to kill a terraformar though.