Jinjen von Vinland (金姫 (ジンジェン)・フォン・ヴィンランド, Jinjen Fon Vinrando) is a cosmopolitan who conducted experiments on humans in association with the Terraformars on an artificial inland between Japan and China.




Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jinjen received the Type Red operation meaning she can use her surgery base abilities (not 100%) without transforming. Her base is the Tachypleus tridentatus a.k.a. the horseshoe crab. Besides the strength and sturdy shell that can withstand the locust kicks of Hongou Joichi, her body is immune to a variety of pathogens (bacterial endotoxins) that cause harm. That's because the blood of the horseshoe crab is used as bases for antidotes.

Jinjen is fast enough to match the speed of a transformed Hongou. She uses judo throws to toss her opponent with ease and carries a knife as a weapon.

In her fully transformed state her arms becomes more muscular and takes on the carapace of the horseshoe crab, complete with telsons. She uses the telsons as swords to stab her opponents and shielding herself from attacks using the large carapace.

She is shown to able to withstand gunshots to her back in her fully transformed state, probably because of her shell.

It is not known if she can see UV lights, a natural ability of the horseshoe crab.


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