Jared Anderson (ジャレッド・アンダーソン, Jareddo Andāson) is an American crew member of Annex I, assigned to Squad 2 led by Michelle K. Davis. The organism base for his M.O. Operation is a Killer Whale.


Jared is a big muscular man with short blonde hair and gold eyes. During the attack of the Stag Beetle Terraformar which caught him out of transformation he lost his left leg up to the knee as well as parts of the pinky and the ring finger of his left hand.

Personality Edit

Jared appears to be a man who cares about his fellow crew members. For example he was visibly distraughted when some of his friends were killed by the Stag Beetle Terraformar. Also he used his own body as a shield to protect unconscious crew members from a Echidna Terraformar's attack, dying in the process.



Jared grew up in a normal family and graduated from a local high school. He signed up for the air force where he was assigned to the communications. Although he was sociable and dedicated to his job he had little financial sense and racked up large debts from a life of luxury and gambling forcing him to join the Annex Project.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

During the Terraformars' 2nd attack on Squad 1 he lost a leg against the Rainbow Stag Beetle Terraformar and was saved by Michelle K. Davis. Later in another Terraformars' attack he was first shot in throat by the Archer Fish Terraformar and then he sacrificed himself to protect the unconscious members of his team, and especially Erika Nakanojo, from the Echidna Terraformars.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jared Anderson

Jared in his transformed state

After receiving his M.O. Operation, Jared gained the powers and abilities of the killer whale, making him able to use echolocation by sending out ultrasonic waves and through the reflection of these waves he is able to accurately locate and identify enemies even if they are underground or camouflaged.

As shown in basic training jared is strong enough to capture a terraformar with his net without recieving any injuries,suggesting that his reflexes and fighting abilities are strong enough to stand his ground.


  • Being a light drinker he is very knowledgeable about non-alcoholic cocktails with fancy names.

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