Jaina Eisenstein (ジャイナ・エイゼンシュテイン, Jaina Eizenshutein) hails from a small village in Kazakhstan. She advanced through college at a young age and went to study abroad in America with a government grant. However, her parents and village took all of the money that was for her schooling, leaving her with a massive debt when she returned from finishing her studies, leading her with no recourse but to join the Bugs II mission.

She has C-Cup and her favourite food is vegetables. Her dislikes include anything that's 'really big'.




Jaina was first seen on the spaceship Bugs #2, where she watched Shokichi tease Nanao. She later escaped with the rest of the crew while Captain Davis and Ichiro stayed behind to hold off the horde of insects invading Bugs II.

Following their escape, the crew happened across the dilapidated ruin of the Bugs I shuttle. Thien suggested they examine it, as it may still be functioning, leading most of the crew, with the exception of Redo and John, inside. They learn that the ship may have transmitted a message only to hear gunshots outside, emerging to discover both Redo and John dead, killed by Roaches that had been hiding under the shuttle, and were using stolen human weaponry.

Seeing that the Roaches had surrounded them, she injected herself with the drug and was able to complete her transformation before she was shot like Huwan. Whilst initially happy that her Insect Form's armor granted her protection from the Roach's bullets, she soon panicked as she realised the Roaches were ganging up on her, her fear of their large size causing her to freeze up, allowing them to rip her to shreds as the crew looked on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jaina Insect Form

Jaina's transformation.

The DNA used in Jaina's Bug Procedure came from the Pachyrhynchus infernalis weevil, a beetle noted for its extremely hard exoskeleton. When transformed, her Insect Form granted her thick exoskeleton plating on her arms that was capable of deflecting bullets fired from the Roaches' stolen guns.

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