Ivan Perepelkin (イワン・ペレペルキナ, Ivan Pereperukina Рус. Иван Перепёлкин) is a Russian boy under Sylvester Asimov's tutelage who joined the Annex Project along his sister, Elena, to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflicts the Earth. His real name was Ivan Zakriev (イワン・ザクリエフ, Iwan Zakuriefu), but after finding out about his half-sister Elena, he adopted his mother name Perepelkina.


Ivan is a fit, young man with short, spiky hair and a scar in his face near his left eye.


Differently from the other members of the russian team, Ivan is always cheerful and positive. He is good hearted, very altruistic, emotive and also a bit naive. Asimov noted that Ivan is a true communist and a good man after hearing him talking about the Annex Project. When the situation requires it he can also become very serious. After his sister's death he also start to assume a little some of her behaviours.



Annex I Arc (2620 A.D.)Edit

Ivan is introduced as an honest, albeit gullible, individual. He developed a crush on Sheila Levitt after she treated his wounds when he took a punch meant for Jet. Ivan become enraged when Sylvester Asimov's order to not take the drug cost his sister's life. Soon afterwards he begins to act more seriously, similar to his sister, to varying results.

Ivan, with the help of Sergei Seleznyov, rescue Komachi Shokichi from the Chinese's grasp.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ivan anime transformation artwork

Ivan's Transformation

After receiving his M.O. Operation Ivan gained the ability to use the chemicals of the plant Datura stramonium. When injecting enemies with it, he can induce fever, hallucinations, breathing dysfunction and even heart failure depending on the amount. This would make Ivan's ability perfect to catch the roaches alive but unfortunately he still has problems with the dosage of his poison and tends to kill them outright because of the wrong dosage. In combat, Ivan also uses grenades that release his own poison as a gas, poisoning all the targets in the area who inhale the gas.


  • Ivan is the first plant-type M.O. Operation shown in the series.
  • He takes the drug in the form of a pill.

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