Isabella R. Leon (イザベラ・R・レオン, Izabera R Reon) is a Brazilian crew member of Annex I, assigned to Squad 5 led by Adolf Reinhard. The organism base of her M.O. Operarion is a Sia ferox.


Isabella is a young girl with long brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. She has D-cups.


Isabella is a friendly and self-confident girl that acted as the big sister of Eva Frost and the other comrades in her squad. Also given her comment when facing a exceptional muscular Terraformar she seems to find muscular men attractive.



Isabella was born from a poor agricultural worker in a rural village. In order to help support her family she worked as a maid in the farm owner's mansion until she seriously wounded the owner's son when she retaliated against his beatings. At some point she eventually joined the Annex Project.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

During the attack on Squad 5 by the Terraformars, she was ordered by Adolf to deal with the particularly muscular Terraformar that was blocking the way to Squad 4's escape vehicle. She immediately injected herself and engaged the Terraformar with her powers, but her adversary easily obliterated her upper half with one quick swing, immediately killing her and shocking the rest of Squad 5. Her death was avenged by her officer Adolf. She and Adolf were the only two combatants in all of Squad 5.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Isabella's Transformation

Isabella's transformed state

After receiving her M.O. Operation Isabella gained the powers and abilities of the Orthopterean Sia ferox, increasing her ferociousness and making her legs incredibly strong, being able to move and jump very high with ease. She is a martial artist of capoeira. Her exclusive weapon was "Carnaval de Paris", a pair of kneepads that were to increase both the offensive and defensive power of her legs.

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