Ichi Security

Ichi Security building in Japan

Ichi Security's logo

Ichi Security's logo

Ichi Security (一警護(はじめけいご), Hajime keigo) is an private security company dedicated to protecting the assets of everyone from individuals to entire nations. The company bares its name from its founder, Ichiro Hiruma. While the company is doing normal security work, they have Earth protection department, which is publicly unknown and it's purpose is to fight off the terraformars on Earth. They also send the Frontier Spirit to Mars to rescue the ANNEX1 members.

Known membersEdit

Ichi Security
IchiroC JiroC AsataroC HyugaC AkariC
Ichiro Hiruma (founder) Jiro Hiruma (company director) Asataro Kusama (department manager) Kyo Hyuga (section manager) Akari Hizamaru (section manager)
KeijiOnizukaC KanakoC SomeyaC SamuraiSwordC JoichiC
Keiji Onizuka Kanako Sanjo Tatsuhiro Someya Samurai Sword Joichi Hongou
ShunC ShichiseiC DanielC ShigureC
Shun Takahashi Shichisei Hiruma Daniel Arthur Jr. (ex-member) Shigure Kusama (advisory)