Hong (紅(ホン), Hon) is a Chinese girl under Liu Yiwu's tutelage who joined the Annex Project.


Hong is a young girl of short stature and medium hair.


Hong is simple minded and emotive.



Hong lived alongside her family in a poor village in China until the Chinese government recruited her because of her incredible affinity for the Bacteria M.O. Operation.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

She is first shown using her abilities after a huge hoard of terraformers crowded on the Annex. She was capable of killing all of them by simply standing there with her shirt off (we may speculate that skin to air contact is a necessary circumstance for her to use her ability thus the bacteria is very likely airborne).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hong is a normal girl with no combat ability. After receiving her M.O. Operation Hong gained the powers and abilities of a lethal bacteria. This makes her a living biological weapon capable of killing every terraformer and humans within a certain radius if they don't have a protection suit. She has an unauthorized anti-human/Terraformar bio-warfare blowgun called "Beehive Cluster Shooting Star" (積尸氣奔星 Jishiqì Benxing).


  • Hong is the first bacteria-type M.O. Operation shown in the series.
  • Like every Chinese member, she faked her M.A.R.S Ranking. According to Mars File Guidebook, if serious, she would have still scored really low ranking.
  • The Mars File Guidebook also states she is actually only 14 or 15 years old.

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