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God Lee (ゴッド・リー, Goddo Rī) was abandoned as a child and was taken in and raised by armed insurgents. He survived due to his extreme prowess in battle, but was abandoned when he got wounded. He treated his injuries while undergoing the bugs procedure and recovered faster than all of the other subjects. He likes battles, but dislike wars.


God Lee is a tall, fit man, with a long, mostly emotionless face, a white bandage on his forehead and long stripes of hair around it. Over his suit he wears a ragged cloak as well as multiple straps and bandoliers containing additional syringes. On some of the plates he also has patterns unique to him.  .


God Lee is a serious person, who has the experience of war. Though he likes fighting, he doesn't like wars. Nevertheless, he knows when to take action and do what is right, while maintaining a somewhat cool, apathetic attitude.


God Lee is first seen during the meeting of BUGS2 members after Nanao was killed, saying that they can't return since they haven't completed their mission. He questioned Shokichi's crying over Nanao's death, citing that she, like many on the crew, had been forced to 'live like a maggot' due to her debts and had 'become a maggot' thanks to the BUGS Surgery, and how in the end the government would see her death as no more important than a 'maggot's', going on to state that there was no point in going home until they finished their mission, as they won't be paid. He then sets out to kill the Roaches himself, both he and Captain Davis claim he's the best suited to the task, due to his surgery and skills.

Sensing the Roaches presence not long after leaving the ship, Lee injects himself with the drug to activate his Insect Transformation, only to find the Roach standing right behind him. He immediately used the ability gained from his Ground Beetle DNA to engulf the Roach in highly explosive gas, but when that failed to even damage the Roach, he drew his knife and prepared to face it hand-to-hand, only to be killed, the Roach later bringing his severed head with it when it invaded BUGS II.

Powers and Abilities[]


Through the Bug Procedure, Lee gained cells from the bombardier beetle (Pheropsophus jessoensis), allowing him to produce hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone separately from each hand. Combining these two substances, he can then release a spray of extremely hot benzoquinone from his palms, creating a huge explosion not unlike a flame-thrower. However, as shown by his fight, this ability doesn't work against Terraformers, causing barely any damage, all of which was superficial burning.

Aside from that, he is also skilled combatant, having been trained by the Israeli army since he was child, evidenced by his use of their Tactical Knife Fighting techniques.


  • Despite his name and attitude, Lee proved to be the least suitable out of everyone for fighting against the Terraformars.
  • He is one of few characters whose name will not be changed in the live-action adaptation.
  • When BUGS2 crews did arm wrestling, he ranked 2nd place.


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