George Smiles (ジョージ・スマイルズ, Jōji Sumairuzu) is an American young man and part of the BUGS1 crew.


George is a fit young man, medium blond hair with long sideburns and blue eyes. His BUGS1 uniform is an orange vest and a long-sleeved shirt under the vest.


In terms of personality and attitude, George resembles his successor, Komachi Shokichi. He is a happy, loving person, and sometimes a bit naive, just like Komachi. But when the time comes for him to take action, he will protect his comrades with his life. In battle, George ignored pain and could continue fighting as Komachi did in his stay on Mars except the BUGS1 crew was not a subject of the BUGs surgery making them normal humans.


George was first seen proposing to Risa little before they reached Mars. She agreed, but with one condition: he needs to catch the most cockroaches. His comrades found it funny and George went along, accepting her condition.

When they reached Mars and opened the doors, they were greeted by a Terraformar, who immediately killed 2 of the crew members, them being Thomas and Carlos. George and the rest quickly got weapons, but the guns proved ineffective against the humanoid roach as they do not feel pain. The captain John Red was killed causing George to get distracted, so Ken took a devastating blow with his body from the Terraformar's attack to protect George. In his final moments, Ken encouraged George to get the most roaches. George angrily grabbed the captain's sword, but was eventually pierced in the stomach by the roach before he was able to use it. Eventually, though, he decapitated the Terraformar's head after ignoring his injury. Thinking his opponent was dead, he relaxed, then Risa jumped in front of him catching the next blow of the roach. Seeing Risa dying, he lunged at the Terraformar and stabbed it in the stomach, then slashed downwards and killed him.

As he was bleeding out from his wounds, he proceeded to send the Terraformar's head back to Earth, using a ship capsule. A large group of Terraformars infiltrated the ship surrounding him. A few moments later, he died holding Risa near his sword.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a healthy, strong young man, George has good reflexes and decent sword skills. There is uncertainty, however, if he was stronger than the average human. This speculation arising from the clan which selectively breeds to make strong humans, being he was the grandson of Alexander G. Newton and a cousin of Joseph G. Newton.However being half Newton would grant him fast reflexes,the ability to sleep in parts of his body or to sleep for only a few seconds. Whether or not he took lessons to improve his body image like all Newtons is unknown.

During the BUGS1 mission, he is shown to know how to use a blade, but being entirely human restricted him from fighting even more Terraformars.


  • The sword that Joseph G. Newton uses was shown to have "George S." on it. This could be in the honor of George's memory.
  • George sort of completed Risa's condition, killing (not really capturing) 1 roach/Terraformar, which was the most out of everyone (everyone else was killed before they could kill a Terraformar).
  • George was the first human to kill a Terraformar and that was before the creation of the BUG surgery.