Eva Frost (エヴァ・フロスト, Eva Furosuto) is a German girl under Adolf Reinhard's tutelage that joined the Annex Project to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth.


Eva is a young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes. She claims to be an E cup, but is actually three sizes larger.


Eva is a good hearted and naive girl. She is also clumsy and very emotional. Her insecurity makes her often cry and succumb to panic but despite this she can also show surprisingly great courage and determination.



Eva is the only child of an IT millionaire born in the suburbs of northern Germany. Her parents were controlling, overprotective hypochondriacs, so she was hardly ever allowed to leave the estate. This continued until the day her family lost their fortune and sold her to the U-NASA that forced her to undergo the M.O. Operation.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)

After the six squads scattered, Eva's squad, led by Adolf Reinhard, confronted the army of roaches that surrounded them. After a fierce battle and dozens of roaches killed, Adolf dies protecting Eva from the cockroaches' attacks. When the roach leader finally walks up to Eva and Adolf's body, Eva punches the leader (with no effect), desperately trying to protect her "beloved Adolf". Eventually, the explosive inside Adolf's body goes off seemingly killing Eva, the whole squad and the remaining roaches caught in the blast radius.

It is later revealed she survived thanks to the regenerative properties of her base animal and has inherited Adolf's power as well.

Powers and Abilities

Initially she received the abilities of a planarian, allowing her to regenerate completely even after being blown to bits. While she was regenerating from Adolf's blast, she took in parts of Adolf's body as a source of energy, resulting in her having the abilities of an electric eel as well. Unlike Adolf, who had his body modified to utilize electricity without harming himself, Eva have no measures to protect herself from her own electricity. Any damage from her own attack is simply taken care of by her regenerative abilities.


  • She tasted beef intestines and fish bones for the first time in her life after she came to the U-NASA. Crying out in a granting voice after finding out that the white, fluffy, strange-tasting thing in the hotpot was a fish testicle.
  • She likes the CD she borrowed from Michelle K. Davis more than the one from Isabella R. Leon.

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