Elena Perepelkina (エレナ・ペレペルキナ, Erena Pereperukina Рус. Елена Перепёлкина) was a Russian girl under Sylvester Asimov's tutelage that joined the Annex Project along with her brother, Ivan, to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflicts the Earth.


Elena is a tall woman with short spiky blonde hair and large breasts. She also has a mole on the bottom left side of her chin.


Being the exact opposite of her brother, Elena has a calm behavior, doesn't talk too much, is always serious and very self-confident.


Elena is a subordinate of Sylvester Asimov before the Annex 1 launch, and a marksmen. Asimov trusted her like a second-in-command and in the use of a special Terra Formar net launcher. After the 6 groups split apart, her group is immediately attacked by a particularly strong and stealthy roach, killing a member of their group right in front of her. She rushes to retrieve the net launcher to capture the roach, but as she locks onto the target, she gets decapitated by the roach when it surprisingly uses Tejas Viji's super-speed power.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Her abilities remain unknown. She went through the M.O. operation and received an unrevealed DNA to strengthen her body, but died before she was able to do or show anything.

It's revealed in an official illustration of deceased characters being in their transformed state, which includes Elena appearing to have a plant as her base surgery type. What type of plant is unknown, but supposedly she has the same base as her brother, Ivan Perepelkin.

It was implied that she was an exceptional marksman.

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