Donatello K. Davis (ドナテロ・K・デイヴス, Donatero K Deivusu a.k.a. D.K. Davis) is an american and the captain of BUGS2. He aspired to be an astronaut, but that path was closed to him due to his father's treasonous acts against U-NASA. However, he was hired for his abilities and attached to the non-professional Bugs #2 Mission. His hero is Neil Armstrong, and dislikes natto.


Donatello is a tall, well-built, muscular man, with a strong facial shape, a small goatee and blond hair laid on the back with small bangs hanging on the edges of the forehead.


Donatello is a normal, stern captain, a man of action, with good traits of leadership, determination and altruism and would always give his life to protect the ones under his tutelage.


Davis is first seen on the board of Bugs #2 spaceship, where he told the crew that they reached Mars and soon they will get down on it. Since Shokichi was afraid of cockroaches, he wanted to quickly spread the pesticide and leave, but Davis told him to not complain, and that this is a job they all chose to undertake and they have nothing else to live after the Bugs Procedure. When they landed on Mars, he started appointing the crew for they jobs.

After receiving the news about the evolved cockroaches, Davis contacted back U-NASA, where he told them, he realised they were sent, because their life doesn't matter, but he got a response saying they were sent, because they are no longer normal humans and are given the power to complete their mission. After that he listens to how everything started and what happened to BUGS1.

Later when God Lee, decided to go out by himself and deal with the cockroaches, Davis did not object, since he is the most familiar with battles. But while waiting for Lee to return, something started approaching the ship and eventually broke in. Seeing it was a cockroach that was carrying Lee's head and quickly killed Maria too, Davis injected himself activating his transformation and ordered the crew to stand back and that he will handle this and should have handled it from the beginning.

He orders the crew to run, but then understands that they are surrounded. Then the cockroach punched him so hard, that pushed his head into the floor. The cockroach thought he killed Davis and turned his back to him, but he stood up and grabbed the cockroach for the neck and pulled her up and then he slammed the roach on the ground, breaking it's neck. After that Davis suggests that he will be the decoy, while the crew escapes, and will spread some aggregation pheromones from that cockroach to lure inside, those that are outside. But Shokichi suggests a plan that they may not only lure them, but also kill them. Davis gives order on how the crew to escape and gets alone with Ichiro. After the roaches are lured in, they start a fire, Davis thanks that everyone called him his captain, and prepares for his final fight.

While fighting with the roaches,and breaking them in two, with his pure strength and bare hands, he remembered some of his past. About his mother having hard time telling him, that no matter how hard he works, he won't be able to become astronaut and the reason he doesn't have a father is that he didn't die in a accident, but was executed. And also remembering how he got the opportunity to go to space. While destroying the roaches, he was saying he will destroy them all and return to earth, to tell how beautiful is, since it's his duty. Finally the oxygen ran out and the cockroaches passed out. Realizing this, Davis wanted to get Ichiro out, but having also passed out. Victoria Wood disguised as cockroach was standing next to him and thanked him for his work before shooting him in the head.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Donatello transformed3

Captain Davis's transfomation

The DNA used in Captain Davis' Bug Procedure originates from the South American Paraponera clavata. An ant so ferocious that even army ants will steer clear of it's path. The pain of it's sting is said to be comparable to being shot with a bullet, thus earning it the nickname of "bullet ant".

Donatello smashing Terraformars head

Captain Davis's incredible strength overpowering a Terraformar

Rather than being considered the "strongest ant", it would be more accurate to describe it as the "strongest insect". As such, Captain Davis' Bug Form possesses the most extreme physical power out of all the crew. His strength is so formidable that he can easily split the previously untouchable roaches in two with sheer strength and crush their heads with one hand. It also allowed him to fight off a horde of roaches singlehanded, giving time for his crew to escape.

Strangely, despite his base being more infamous for its painful sting, Davis showed no stinging ability.

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  1. Only extant member of the Paraponera genus.