Jason Carlos Bourne (ジェイソン・カルロス・ボーン) was a American stationed in Komachi Shokichi's Nippon-America Alliance Squad 1.


Bourne is a large, muscular man with thick eyebrows, a large nose, a cleft chin, and a bony face. He has yellow eyes and blonde hair.


Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

During the journey to Mars, Bourne got into a fight with Jet who provoked him with taunts of the circumstances surrounding Bourne´s surgery. Bourne, infuriated as Jet brought up Bourne´s deceased brother who perished during the M.O surgery, throws a punch that Ivan gets in the way off in an attempt to diffuse the quarrel before it went into a brawl. With the situation cleared up, Bourne left the scene.

Later, during the roaches´ emergence and surprise attack on the Annex I with one of them attacking the assembly area, Bourne took action with a riot control automatic rifle, knowing its inefficiency against the martian cockroaches but opened fire in a attempt to defend the others from the insectoid´s onslaught.

His barrage of bullets proves ineffective against the roach due to the latter´s physiology and as the roach walks right into the barrel of his gun, it clamps its hands around Bourne´s head and rips it off in a display of the insect´s strength. Due to Bourne´s spine still being attached to his skull, he´s last seen used as a sword in the roach´s hands, claiming more lives of his fellow crew-mates in the process.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Bourne's transformed state

After receiving his M.O. Operation, Bourne gained the powers and abilities of the scaly-foot gastropod (Crysomallon squamifferum). It's revealed in an official illustration of deceased characters being in their transformed state, that while transformed Bourne grew a shell similar to the one of his Surgery base. This shell was probably extremely strong due to the scaly-foot gastropods being the only animals to incorporate metal (iron sulfides) into their bodies as armor. Bourne would have been strong at least defensively.

Trivia Edit

  • Jason Bourne shares the name of a fictional character in Robert Ludlum's Bourne series of novels. Whether this is a coincidence or a reference is unknown.

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