BUGS2 is a spacecraft with 15 crew members. The captain was Donatello K. Davis and U-NASA's supervisor of the mission. BUGS2 crew members weren't astronauts and were the first people to go through the Bugs Procedure, which would allow them to do better on the Martian surface and have power to fight with their enemy.


After BUGS1 was wiped out by the surprising life on mars. U-NASA deployed 15 people as a part of BUGS2 to go to Mars to investigate and if possible to exterminate the cockroaches.


BUGS2 landed on Mars in 2599 A.D. and soon after landing they made contact with the Terraformars. Although having strength to fight with the Terraformars, almost all of them died from their hands. Out of the 15 crew members, only 2 were able to survive: Komachi Shokichi and Hiruma Ichiro.

Result Edit

  • All but two members of crew wiped out
  • only a single specimen of captured Terra Formars species returned to earth
  • Terra Formars manage to reverse engineer Bugs Procedure from dead BUGS 2 crew members
  • U-NASA plans new flight to mars to eradicate Terra Formars species


Donatello a Zhangming a Shokichi a Thien a Nina a
Donatello K. Davis (captain) Zhang Ming-Ming (lieutenant) Shokichi Komachi Thien Nanao Akita
Maria a Godlee a Yang a Ichiro a Victoria a
Maria Viren God Lee Yang Huwan Ichiro Hiruma Victoria Wood
Jaina a Tejas a Toshio a John a Redon a
Jaina Eisenstein Tejas Viji Toshio Blight John Welthork Redon Bergsmuller
Alexander Gustav Newton (U-NASA supervisor)

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