BUGS1 is a spacecraft with 6 crew members. The captain was Jonathan Red and U-NASA's executive in charge of their mission was M. K. Davis.


The mission of BUGS1 was to investigate Mars and to collect 10 male and female cockroaches.


BUGS1 landed on August 21, 2577 A.D. on Mars. Upon the landing, the crew encountered evolved cockroaches and all of them were killed. Although the mission was a failure, George was able to send a Terraformar's head back to Earth, which gave hope for eventual success.

22 years later, BUGS1 ship was found by the crew members of BUGS2.

4 years later, skinhead Terrformar and the first 13 BUGS surgery type Terrformars used the BUGS 1 ship to go to Earth.


  • After BUGS1 had successfully landed on Mars after 39 days in orbit since their launch, the entire crew is immediately killed off by the Terra Formars before they even get a chance to step foot on the ground of Mars.


JonathanRedC GeorgeSmilesC RisaOikawaC KentHollandC CarlosMinneryC
Jonathan Red (captain) George Smiles Risa Oikawa Kent Holland Carlos Minnery
ThomasBellwoodC MKDavisC
Thomas Bellwood M.K. Davis (U-NASA executive)