Asataro Kusama (草間 朝太郎 (くさま あさたろう), Kusama Asatarō) is department manager at Ichi Security, a private security company. He is the son of the president in the orphanage Akari lived and have attained full proficiency of the Hizamaru Divine Eye style. Along with Daniel Arthur Jr., he travelled to Mars with Frontier Spirit.


Asataro is a young man with a little long hair and wearing glasses. It has a darrollado body for hand-to-hand combat.


Asataro has a very relaxed personality, but when fighting shows a very serious and cold personality. He is capable of sacrificing himself without an even bigger communion.


Asataro was sent to Mars along with Daniel Arthur Jr. to rescue the survivors of Annex I and thus return them to Earth safe and sound.

Then he was sent to kill Obunga, when he saw that he had the disadvantage in the fight, I do not doubt a second and he self-detonated with the explosives that he was carrying and thus explode in a helicopter where they were.

He survived the explosion and had a final confrontation with Obunga, of which it is unknown if he survived or not.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the killed victims Asataro has killed:

  • Sun Zhèng-Fù
  • Son of Joichi Hongo's little sister

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After receiving your M.O. Operation, Asataro gained the skills of the Royal Owl that give him great strength in his pectorals, necks and legs. The base type being an owl allows you to fly, to turn your neck 180 degrees at will and have night vision. He graduated in the Hizamaru Divine Eye style, which he practiced in murders and when he fought against the Terrafomars on Mars. He has great strength in his hands, capable of making a shock wave that destroys tympani and assists a blow capable of breaking jaws.


Until now it is unknown if he is alive or dead.