Alexander Gustav Newton (アレクサンドル・グスタフ・ニュートン, Arekusandoru Gusutafu Nyūton) is the senior supervisor of U-NASA's Bugs #2 project.


We can be mostly unsure of his physicality but Alexander seems to have a normal build, still being at a good physical state even in his old age. His hair stays long in both his appearances within the manga, also presents a beard.

It is unsure as to what happened to the skin around his eyes but it seems to suggest some sort of scar tissue. This, however, is uncertain as the mangaka has never said anything about it.


Alexander seems to present himself as a bit "high-and-mighty", seemingly thinking he is above everyone else. He also seemed to have no reaction to the death of his grandson, George Smiles, being somewhat accepting of it and a little cold.


BUGS1 Arc (2577 A.D.)Edit

First appeared interrupting M. K. Davis, who was arguing with his superiors demanding why they weren't going to disclose any information on the tragedy of Bugs 1 mission. He questioned him if they ever did publish the entire truth since the Viking I's photograph of Mars. He then later informed Davis that because he was going to be supervising BUGS-2 Project, he would have to leave his seat as Commander. He also warned Davis to not make any bad decisions such as leaking the information to the media or on a site.

Later he is seen looking at the Terraformar's head that George sent in his final moments. Commenting praise on BUGS-1 crew, he thanks George for sending it with his last moments of strength as he states that with this, creationism would be discredited and we as humans would surpass humanity. He then states that the Courage to stand up to the Terraformar would be inherited by BUGS-2 so that his children, and his grandchildren would be able to stand on martian soil. With this, he tells George and his wife to sleep restfully under their gravestone.

BUGS2 Arc (2599 A.D.)Edit

Alexander was first seen in Washington D.C. branch of U-NASA, observing the mission when he was contacted by Dr. Honda. He thanks Honda for the sushi he sent yesterday, saying he particularly enjoyed the seafood bulgogi sushi. Honda chided him by asking him if he was sane, and was really going to continue the mission after hearing whats going on in Mars. Alexander replies back that there was no concern but Honda states since Mars atmosphere is not ready yet, it would feel like operating at 7000m (23,000ft); It would hard enough for cleanup as it is but also for battle conditions even with BUGS surgery. However Alexander interrupted him, asking if they did the 30% success rate of BUGS surgery just so they could "work". He claims that because they were able to fuse the insect's DNA array entirely to human cells and thus allow them to transform the weak muscle body into an insect, they were now the same race as the cockroaches. This is because normal humans can't capture them, thus if humans can't do it then you have to send in spiderman. He uses God Lee as an example, stating that he was infused with the Asian bombardier beetle. When Honda states that the BUGS surgery was said to be using fruit flies, Alexander explains that since fundamental strength did not increase when they used the most compatible fruit flies, they experimented with inserting different insects to each of the crew body. This was so that during an emergency, they could use the various "Protect" or "Guard" abilities each insect had. He also shares his thoughts on why people universally despise cockroaches and that it is something like homologous hatred; They didn't want to see the faces of their ancestors. Alexander backs this up further stating it was Mother Rahab's answer looking at the images received from God Lee's internal camera.

He is later seen observing the situation from the internal cameras. Amused at the roach's ability to use firearms, he seems happy to know that their intelligence level is high and that they have evolved as expected. However when looking back at the crews profiles, he finds something odd. Since the Bug Procedure was meant to strengthen their flesh and bones, and for that Alexander chose insects with strong bodies, he ponders why there was a mosquito inside the crew. He also broke radio silence from U-NASA when Shokichi, Thien, and Ming discover pyramids on Mars; Claiming that Shokichis anger of not knowing what is going on in Mars is just and that those pyramids were most likely built by Rahab. He then orders the 3 that when the roaches are exterminated, they sometimes hide an egg filled with their DNA information and they must destroy every one of them but is cut off when BUGS-2 unexpectedly launches for space. In the meantime, he contacts Honda and tells him he was surprised that a professor was able to sneak into BUGS surgery, and enjoyed the idea of using a emerald cockroach wasp and an sleeping chironomid. However he chastises Honda on the idea of bringing back a terraformar for military power as Evolution is beyond human theory and it is always moving on a steady pace. When Honda asks if BUGS-2 could exterminate the roaches, Alex simply says they must for now observe their battles, noting that he was surprised at the threat of Wasp's stingers towards the terraformars.

He is last seen commenting that the roaches have evolved so much on Mars, and the humans didn't foresee it. And that through Bugs #2 Mission, it became clear that the moss that their ancestors planted have been switched.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He was never seen fighting and as a result he hasn't displayed any specific abilities yet but we know he took manditory priprioceptive perciption and vestibular enhacement training that his clan takes as kids. However, he is shown to be very intelligent and calculating which is where Joesph draws his 186 IQ from.He also has standard Newton abilities inclduing:sleep for a few seconds in a 24 hour period,sleeping in certain parts of his body,and has a 0.1 reaction time.


Newton is once more shown in chapter 122, page 13 as he is being referred to as one who "demanded power, but could not find it in time", meaning that he might in fact be deceased or atleast have no impact anymore on the future events.

  • He share voice actor with Invoker.
  • He wrote a book to Joseph before he past.....whatever was written there was not show other than,"You will guide humanity."

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