Alex Kandley Stewart (アレックス・カンドリ・スチュワート, Arekkusu Kandori Suchuwāto) is a Mexican boy who, along with his two childhood friends, escaped from his country for poverty and joined the Annex Project to have the american citizenship and become a professional baseball player.


Alex is a fit young man with black hair and gold eyes.


Alex TF

Alex loves baseball and greatly admires major leaguers ever since he saw one of their games with his parents. He throws with his right hand and bats with his left. Alex is particularly a loving guy towards his friends. Going as for Marco in standing a fight with him. He's as well a live spiriter when it comes to competitions against Marco.



Alex moved to his father's hometown in north Mexico at the age of 7, following his mother death, and met there first Marcos Garcia and then Sheila Levitt. He worked as a paper boy when he was 12 years old but made only meager wages. At 17 him and Marco lived as on streets of Sunny Pool, Califorina as illegal immigrants striving for food and a chance for the American Dream at becoming profressinal baseball players. In a short time, not wanting to live on the street begging for food and a home, Marcos decided to enroll them into a street gang whom had been harassing them to join, leaving behind the illegal life and become successors of their lineage welfare. Alex was much against the idea as to reminding Marcos of their true purpose for traveling to the states; finding Sheila and becoming Major Leaguers. Which in the end Marco's strictly appose to Alex the possibility of becoming Leaguers is impossible for the two of them. Briefly making Alex choose the decision to leave his friend, commenting, they can have him since he''s argument Alex left Marco's to join the gang. Eventually Alex comes to Marcos's rescue, saving his life before the gangsters decided to kill for not following through with their plan. With some energy left in them after them they decide to head for USNASA, seeing their opportunity the last as they no longer had anything to hope for. Arriving there they find their friend Sheila alive after believing her to be dead when they saw her mother's face in the newspapers.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Alex was seen in a back alley, meeting with Marcos, who let him know that they will have meat tonight. They quickly got into argument fight, but due to being hungry, they didn't had energy to fight. They were approached by some gangsters and to the surprise of Alex, Marcos was with them. They quickly got in another argument, and eventually Alex left saying he don't want to see Marcos again.

Later Alex found Marcos with the gangsters in from of a house, where Marcos was fighting with them. He threw a rock with great precision, making them drop their weapons and the two of them continued to fight against the gangsters.

Later Marcos and Alex were seen hiding in a back alley. They remembered their conversation with Sheila about Mars, and decided to try going to U-NASA, since they don't have what to lose. On the next they they went to U-NASA and wanted to take on the surgery and to their surprise they saw Sheila there.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Alex anime transformation artwork

Alex's Transformation

After receiving his M.O. Operation Alex gained the powers and abilities of the harpy eagle, allowing him to fly and making his eyesight eight times better than a human's. Due to his avian transformation his upper-body muscles are incredibly strong. Thanks to his great upper-body strength and his natural human body which is well-suited for throwing, Alex is able to throw things so fast that their impact on the target is like a bullet and thanks to his great eyesight he can throw things with pinpoint accuracy from impossible distances far outside the detection range of the enemy. In combat Alex also uses some multi-gadgets balls that can be bladed-balls or simply explosive-balls that make him perfect for ranged attacks against the Terraformars. He can also increase the damage of the balls by pitching them to Marcos E. Garcia, who bats them using his specialized staff, making them fly even faster.

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