Adolf Reinhard (アドルフ・ラインハルト, Adorufu Rainharuto) is a German man and a former cavy for the U-NASA. Being with the U-NASA from a very young age, Adolf quickly became an officer and joined the Annex Project to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth.


Adolf is a tall man with short blonde hair and light green eyes. Due to both the nature of his electrical powers and being a former guinea pig, Adolf's body is full of burns and scars. The left corner of his mouth has been burned off, which remains hidden thanks to his high jacket collar. His lower jaw is lined by metal, and he has metal implanted in various locations throughout his body to ground electricity flowing through.

Personality Edit

Despite his intimidating appearance and initial bluntness, Adolf is a really kind and caring person, who is willing to put his life on the line in order to protect those in his care. Despite hating what his wife did to him, he couldn't bring himself to divorce, as she was the first person that made him feel like a normal human. In the anime his selfless nature was shown at a very young age, when he volunteered to become the test subject of the M.O. Operation in order to save other children from the suffering. Because of his appearance, he always tried to look confident and menacing, hiding his loneliness. It is also shown in his Gaiden,Rain hard that he loves animals,which is why he liked those dogs in the anime and the natural history museum so much.



At the age of 7, Adolf with his parents joined the BUGS-2 Project. However, his parents did not survive the surgery and thus was picked up by the military and became a experimental subject for the M.O. Operation after his relatives were gone. Although he was able to go to school, he was kept under a strict duty of confidentiality in addition to the surveillance and health inspection. In his time being an experiment for the M.O. organ, the German military discovered the Treehopper body enhancement technique from his experimentation results and thus applied it in future M.O. operations. One day while he was outside of the school eating a loaf of a bread, he met Rosa Zypries and eventually formed a relationship with her. After marrying her and having a child, Adolf was enraged to discover that the child was the result of an affair his wife was having. The child did not have an M.O. organ, and had a 0% match to Adolf's genetics. Despite this, Adolf could not bring himself to confront or divorce his wife, afraid of losing the only person that made him feel "human." After becoming an officer he trained his recruits, becoming a father-figure for them.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

He is first seen escorting Eva Frost as a candidate for the M.O. operation, leaving "that" (Eva) with Shokichi. After Plan Delta was initiated and Squad 5 safely landed, Adolf's team is attacked in a valley area by the Terraformars. He desperately tries to protect his squad, even going as far as overdosing on the drug to keep his immense powers going when they become captured with the net launchers. In the process of electrocuting the roach leader and its guard via a large flag, he goes into cardiac arrest. However, due to his base power, this automatically causes an A.E.D. reaction, allowing him to use electricity to resuscitate himself back to life. However, he dies after getting multiple slingshot rocks to body and head by the Terraformars while protecting Eva who refused to leave his side. Soon afterwards, while remembering his last time spent with his mother, an implanted hidden explosive inside his body goes off, killing himself, Squad 5 and the Terraformars caught in the blast radius though Eva escaped unharmed thanks to her power. This act reduced the remains of his squad to carbonized Skeletons but also gave the Terra Formars nothing to reverse engineer and forced the Chinese team out as traitors.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Adolf anime transformation artwork

Adolf's Transformation

Adolf is an officer and is ranked as the second strongest member of Annex I. After receiving his M.O. Operation Adolf gained the powers and abilities of the electric eel, making his body stronger, more durable, and allowing him to generate incredibly powerful electric shocks from his muscles. Adolf also uses his abilities to act as a human radar.

Adolf's preferred method of combat involves skillfully throwing the numerous knives he keeps under his coat. Each knife then serves as a lightning rod that Adolf can use to electrocute his enemies from a distance. This is shown to be particularly effective against the roaches, as Adolf can throw numerous knives in a single attack and use each one to instantly kill a roach.

Though more rarely seen, Adolf is also proficient in hand to hand combat, lethally electrocuting any enemy he touches. He is also able to produce a powerful electro-magnetic field capable of shielding himself and others from a barrage of gunfire. When near death, Adolf can resuscitate himself by sending electricity to his heart in a similar manner to how defibrillators are used.


  • After noting that his birthday coincides with Christmas his wife decided to give him always two presents, one for Christmas and one for his birthday.
  • He takes his drug in the form of powder he snorts.
  • While due to being an experiment he has been injected with medicinal alcohol, he never actually drank alcohol until he met Shokichi.
  • During his meeting with the Commander, he could not eat the ramen due to his condition on the left side of his face.
  • His favorite food is his wife's cooked curry, fomerly being cabbage rolls.
  • His talent is cooking all kinds of food.
  • He dislikes trash cans with springs that hold the lid too tightly
  • The explosive in his body was implanted without his knowledge by the German researchers that gave him his powers. They were set to detonate in the event of his death in order to prevent rival nations from salvaging his corpse and learning more about his M.O. Operation.

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